Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Posted on January 9, 2018 by lissakamel

Planning a wedding is not hard just for the people getting married but it is also a stressful task for the mothers. The mother of the bride has added pressure on her should because she is sending her daughter off while she makes sure she is excelling every aspect of the wedding. To lessen the pressure, it is crucial to follow the tips that we have provided for you.

1.     The Money Talk

After the engagement, the to-be-weds are aiming for the sky when it comes to their wedding. Do not de-motivate their dreams, but make sure you are not giving in additional (expensive) ideas. If the couple getting married has made it clear that, they will be paying then you can! However, as the mother, you will need to sit down with your partner and have a talk with the future bride and groom. Let the couple know how much you are willing to pay.

2.     Your Part in the Wedding

As the mother of the bride, there are probably hundreds of ideas in your mind. Whether it is the flavor of the wedding cake or who the florist may be, you just want everything to be perfect. However, you need to hold your horses. The ultimate wedding decision is left to the bride and groom. If there an idea that you love, you will have to communicate and let the couple know. The end choice is up to the couple so try not to turn into Momzilla.

3.     Dressing for the Occasion

There are some rules when you are choosing your “mother of the bride” dress. First, make sure you are living up to the style of the wedding and the formality. Second, make sure you ask someone if you feel confused. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom should stay in touch. The bride would be a good person to go to for her, as she will be able to give you the right advice.

4.     Guest List

Talk to the bride and groom about whom they would want to invite to the wedding. They could be thinking of either a big gathering or an intimate affair with close friends. Ask them what they expect and then make the list. Let them know whom you would want to invite to the wedding and get on with the list.

5.     Priorities

As the mother of the bride, there are probably many significant details you might want to add, but make sure you are not driving the couple crazy with your ideas. Choose your top 3 things and let the couple know. This way you will not be burdening the couple but you will allow them to focus properly.

Stay Calm

Weddings can be extremely overwhelming, so make sure you are staying contained. Do not let the stress overpower you! The mother of the bride needs to be there for her daughter for moral support.