Smart Teen’s Guide To Choose A Prom Dress In San Francisco

Posted on February 5, 2019 by lissakamel

Calling all San Francisco teens! Prom is right around the corner, and it’s time to be on the lookout for the best prom dresses San Francisco has to offer. But what if you’re not sure yet what kind of dress will suit you best? Check out our guide to picking the perfect prom dress!

Step 1: Know the Rules

Some schools in the Bay Area have strict rules for prom dresses. Make sure to know the dress code, especially if you’re going to prom at a school you don’t attend. Nothing’s worse than picking out what seems like the perfect dress, only to be asked to change one you arrive at prom.

Thankfully, no matter what the requirements, you’ll find plenty of options at Flares! As one of the premier prom dress shops in San Francisco, we offer a wide range of formal dresses to suit every size, shape, and budget—which brings us to step two!

Step 2: Know Your Budget

You might be surprised to learn that formal dresses—like prom dresses—often require alterations to fit perfectly. This isn’t because they don’t already come in a range of sizes, but because each wearer is unique. For example, full length gowns are cut very long in case the wearer is tall, or wants to wear high heels. It’s easier to shorten a dress for one wearer than to lengthen it for another! When shopping for prom dresses in San Francisco, make sure to include the price of any alterations in your total budget.

Step 3: Try on Dresses!

You’ve probably seen the nightmare posts of girls who ordered dresses online and ended up with horrible results. Your best option is to try dresses on for yourself. Luckily, Flares’ extensive selection of prom dresses is conveniently located in Walnut Creek, so you won’t even need to leave the Bay Area to find prom dresses you’ll love!

When trying on dresses, it pays to be prepared. Bring along a couple different bra styles—such as strapless or halter in addition to a regular strap— so you can try on a whole range of different necklines. Bring along a pair of shoes with the same heel height you plan to wear to prom. Even if you end up choosing different shoes to match your dress, as long as the heels are the same height, you’ll know the dress works.

Step 4: Don’t Wait!

Prom dress shops in San Francisco will soon be full of teens all looking for just the right dress. Going early not only gives you more options, such as time to order the style you like in the perfect size or color, but it also means that you get to set the trends! Even with the biggest selection of prom dresses in Walnut Creek, the favorites will go fast. Come pick out your dream prom dress soon!

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