Some Tips to Find The Latest Wedding Gowns & Wedding Dress Design Online

Posted on February 12, 2019 by lissakamel

For more and more brides, shopping for a wedding gown online makes the most sense. After all, you can save a lot of time and money if you don’t have to drive all over San Francisco looking for your dream wedding dress. But it’s not quite as simple as typing “my perfect wedding dress” into Google. Before you start your online wedding gown search, check out these tips and tricks to make the process even easier.

Start with Magazines

This might sound like a really backwards step. Why start with print magazines if you want to shop online? But there’s a very good reason. The internet is notorious for never forgetting anything, including wedding gown designs that have been out of production for years. Rather than fall in love with looks you can’t find anymore, start with wedding magazines, which you know are current. There are even some, like Today’s Bride San Francisco that cater specifically to Bay Area brides looking for that perfect wedding dress. If you’re really opposed to spending the money on print, set your search engine to only deliver recently published articles so you know you’re looking at current designs.

Learn Your Terms

For many San Francisco brides, shopping wedding gowns online is the ideal way to narrow down your options. But what do all those options even mean? What’s the difference between tulle and chiffon? What’s Alencon lace, and how is it different from other types? While you’re doing your initial browsing, make a note of the descriptors for your favorite dresses, and see what they have in common. If you find you love an A-line silhouette, for example, search for more and see what comes up!

Choose a Respected Bridal Shop

Don’t risk something as important as your wedding gown on an unknown site. Always go with a shop you can trust, preferably one you can call up and talk to if you have questions. With one of the largest collections of wedding gowns in San Francisco, Flares Bridal and Formal is a name you know you can trust. Not only do you have our years of experience backing your order, but with so many designers and dresses on hand, you can shop online with confidence, knowing you’ll find your dream dress no matter what your style or budget.

Get the Details Before You Order

Before you click “buy” on your gown, always check to see what the policies are for shipping and tracking your gown. Because wedding gowns are custom made and unique, returns or exchanges are typically not permitted, but you’ll want to be able to keep tabs on your gown as it makes its way to you, and so you can address any issues. Here at Flares, we want you to be perfectly satisfied with your gown, whether you bought it in-store or online. If it’s damaged during shipping, we’ll work with you and the carrier to resolve the issue before your big day!

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