The Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

Posted on December 18, 2018 by lissakamel

Wedding dresses go in and out of fashion like every other kind of clothing, but there’s a fine art to balancing the latest looks with the classic grace a wedding calls for. For 2019, though, it’s gotten a little easier. The trends for the upcoming wedding season are all for gorgeous classic elements with a fun or funky modern twist. Check out the best wedding dress boutiques San Francisco has to offer for these trendy-but-timeless looks in 2019.

Shimmer and Sparkle

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? This 2019 bridal trend goes beyond sequined bodices, however. The wedding dress shops San Francisco brides want to visit will be carrying gowns with every level of “frosting,” from shimmering charmeuse that have just a hint of metallic glow to dresses with oversized rhinestones stitched like a scatter of petals at the hemline. After years of lace and tulle being the top trends, this new look is perfect for all you brides who love to sparkle!

Bows are Back!

Don’t worry! This trend isn’t for a single giant bow on the back of your gown. The wedding dresses San Francisco Bay Area brides will be wearing are reinterpreting this classic feminine element in lots of ways, from twisted bodice panels that are only reminiscent of bows to beautiful satin halter ties that add a touch of whimsy or even a pop of color. Tiny bows decorate necklines or sleeves, while larger bows trail gracefully from the waistlines of this year’s trendiest gowns. Play with different looks to see what suits you—you can even try incorporating bows into your hairstyle or accessories.

Get Geometric

We haven’t quite arrived at this century’s Roaring Twenties just yet, but the fashion certainly has! The wedding dresses San Francisco Bay Area brides love for 2019 feature beautiful geometric designs, either in lacy overlays like the flapper dresses that inspire them, or in the cut of the gown itself. Whether you prefer structured and angular or soft and flowing, geometric is a trend that will work for every bride’s style!

Stunning Sleeves

Sleeves on a wedding gown? For some brides, it’s a requirement, and for others, an absolute no-no. But even sleeves’ toughest critics might be rethinking their position after seeing what the best wedding dress shops San Francisco has to offer will be carrying! Forget tight, buttoned up sleeves. The trend this year will be for loose and flowing designs with lots of different shapes to flatter every look. Try short sleevelettes, elegant bishop’s sleeves, or even perfectly puffed sleeves done in delicate sheer fabrics to take advantage of this trend.

Ready to find your wedding gown? The wedding dress boutiques San Francisco residents favor will have all these top trends and more! An expert bridal consultant can recommend dresses that fit your style, flatter your figure, and stick to your budget. Schedule an appointment to meet with a consultant and find your perfect gown today.

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