Wedding Themes That Will Add To Your Big Day

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Top Wedding Themes and Destinations

Wedding themes are what can make a couple’s big day even more special and meaningful. Although many couples want to stick with the traditional wedding themes, more and more are opting for themes that are unconventional. However, before finalizing a theme, the bride and groom must discuss it with each other because this is an important decision.

Choosing a Time Period

1920’s Wedding

For this, the bride can get creative as she can wear unique headpieces or long pearl necklaces. The bridesmaids can opt for shorter dresses as they resemble the flapper dresses and the groomsmen can wear fedoras to take everyone back to that time. The music will need to feature jazz with a cabaret styled environment.

Victorian Wedding

The perfect setting for this wedding would be in a vintage mansion or a garden that has a gazebo followed by a reception in a spacious ballroom. The bride’s dress will need to feature lace along with the décor. The appropriate colors would be whites and pastels.

Medieval Wedding

The ideal setting would be inside a historical castle or church. Using calligraphy would really give a taste of this period. All the décor must be done with deep/rich colors that radiate gothic vibes.

Wedding Destination


If you are having a destination wedding in another city or if you want to be able to transport the guests to another location, you will need to add certain elements from that city to give the feel of it. Play with colors, historical and cultural factors. You can feature the national flower and get with the fashion of the city.


Weddings at the beach are more casual and require shorter dresses. The décor used for these types of weddings is mostly sandcastles, seashells, starfish, and flip-flops. The colors that represent the beach are shades of blue, white, or sandy colors.

Wedding Seasons


The “winter wonderland” theme is popular during this wedding season. Although white is the primary color, shades of silver and blue can be added to accentuate the vibe. Getting snowflakes as the décor can truly elevate the outlook of the wedding to another level.


The recommended wedding venue for this would be a garden because new flowers will be blooming. Centering your wedding on butterflies and vibrant colored flowers would make it truly spring. Fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables are the go-to starters.


Everyone loves summer weddings because one can enjoy the outdoors. There are many locations to choose from when it comes to organizing a summer wedding, but couples need to make sure there is a heavy use of bright colors for the décor. Refreshing foods and drinks must be served.


The thought of falling leaves takes the mind to colors such as browns, gold, reds, and orange. If the weather has not gotten too cold, outdoor weddings are a good option. The food should feature apples and pumpkins and the décor must do justice to fallen leaves and candles.

Keep in mind, these are just a few wedding themes. There are many more couples can choose from but the thing to keep in mind is that the theme must not be overpowering.

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