Wedding Dance Ideas

Posted on February 20, 2018 by lissakamel


A surefire way to get the crowd excited at your wedding is to have some fun dancing! Traditionally, the bride and groom will share a first dance on the dance floor before inviting the other guests to join in the fun. It’s probably the most enjoyable part of the entire ceremony, as guests shimmy on the floor and onlookers watch. But even this traditional practice can be jazzed up and be made a lot more memorable for the couple and their guests. Let’s have a look at some creative and fun wedding dance ideas for the floor.

Hire a dance instructor to choreograph a dance

Have a dance instructor teach some or all of your guests an easy and fun dance that they can perform together. It’s even better if the dance manages to tell a story about your story as a couple. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to teach the guests the dance, or it could become more of a boring lesson than a fun activity for everyone to partake in. You get bonus points if the dance is tied within an ethnic or family tradition. For example, Indian and Pakistani families have a longstanding practice of friends from both the bride’s and groom’s side to participate in an elaborately choreographed dance performance. These dance performances can get pretty complicated though, so if you want all of the guests to participate, keep it simple.  If you want to incorporate your guests within a particular ethic or family tradition, do so.

Have a line on your RSVP for your guests to fill out a song preference for the DJ

Your guests are likelier to shake it out on the dance floor if their favorite song is playing. Accordingly, include a line on the RSVP so your guests can list a beloved song, and give the compiled list to the DJ before the day of the wedding. Once your guests hear their favorite song playing, they won’t be able to help themselves dancing their hearts out!

Jazz up the dance floor

Why not make the dance floor itself a lot more fun to step on? Couples can incorporate glitter and sparkles on the floor, or have flashing lights blink on the floor. Extra points if the flashing of the lights can be timed with the rhythm of the music. Remember, the more fun you make it appear, the more your guests will want to get there!

Reflect the dancing bug in your wedding attire

If dancing’s especially important to you on your wedding day, why not make it easier for yourself? allows you to order your very own wedding Converse as dancing shoes for the reception.  You can personalize these shoes too, with a Mr. X for him and Mrs. X for her printed right on the shoes. Once the vows are dealt with, kick off the heels and the shoes, and put these on instead in order to dance to your heart’s content without blistered soles.


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