Shop for the Best Wedding Dress from the Bay Area Wedding Boutiques

Posted on May 10, 2018 by lissakamel

The Best Wedding Dresses in the Bay Area

Every girl dreams of her wedding to be perfect. After all, it is the biggest day of her life. And one major step to make the wedding picture perfect is to select the ideal wedding dress – a dress that will make her look like nothing less than a princess.

So, here we present you some of the best wedding dresses that any girl can shop for in the San Francisco bay area.

1.     Mermaid Wedding Dress

A mermaid wedding dress looks phenomenal on slender and lean women. It is a dress that perfectly accentuates the curves. So, choosing a full-length mermaid wedding gown  will totally flatter your lean body.

Look for gowns that have a sweetheart embroidery neckline. The beauty of this kind of a neckline is that it gives the bride enough opportunity to show off her jewelry. So, enhance the look by wearing a beautiful silver necklace.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that a mermaid dress is a tight-fitting gown. So, if you are one of those girls who feel uncomfortable with the body-con dresses then this may not be an ideal choice for you.

2.     Fit and Flare A-Line Wedding Dress

A sexy fit and flare wedding gown is a type of dress that will give off a very dreamy and romantic look. Trust us, you will look like you’re straight out of the fairytale!

This type of dress is suitable for many body types especially the pear shaped body. In a pear shaped body, the widest part of the body is the hips. And wearing a flare-y gown will help you balance it out.  So, buy an A-line flare-y wedding gown from the bay area. But make sure to choose a dress that has beautiful lace on it. Intricate lace appliqués are the key to make you look gorgeous!

3.     A Ball Gown

Since the wedding is one of the most special occasions in every girl’s life, it is definitely their right to look a little extra.

A dramatic ball gown with beautiful lace appliqués and fluffy flare can make your wedding dress look extravagant.

If you have a dance party planned out right after the wedding ceremony then a beautiful, feathery gown will be the ideal choice. Yes, you can dance comfortably all night.

Just imagine your skirt sweeping off the floor and swirling around you when you make a perfect turn while happily dancing with your partner. Feels dreamy, yes?  So, go buy a traditional ball gown from San Francisco bay area and make your wedding a splendid affair.

These are the gorgeous wedding dresses that you can choose from to achieve the perfect bridal pizzazz! Get ready to look ravishing!

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