Selecting the Right Color for a Wedding Dress

Posted on February 15, 2018 by lissakamel

Although white is the color that comes to mind when choosing a wedding dress, modern-day brides are going for different colors in order to illustrate their individuality. Since every color has a different significance, it is important to consider everything before choosing the color for your wedding dress.

Blue – Serenity

Light blue is seen as a serene color that reflects the color of the sky and the ocean. The deeper shades of blue are known to be colors of wealth. Bright and electric hues of blue are the colors that can make a statement; however, overusing this color can make the atmosphere look cold.

Yellow – Youth

The color yellow brings uplifting and youthful thoughts to the mind. This color is a reflection of sunshine, summer, and flowers. For a wedding dress, opt for a golden yellow dress, as it will allow the wedding atmosphere to look glamorous. This color is the best way to stimulate energy in an outdoor, summer wedding.

Green – Earth

Green is known as the color of new beginning, spring and as a “green-world” promoter. This color is ideal for an outdoor wedding as it has a refreshing, calming, and tranquil tone to it. This color is popular for bridesmaid dresses as well.

Orange – Warmth

Orange is an earthy, bold color that screams out autumn, depending on what tone you choose to wear. A warmer shade of orange is becoming a popular choice such as terracotta or peach as they add a subtle warmth and elegance to the wedding dress.

Purple – Royalty

The color purple has a majestic history as it radiates luxury to the wedding. The darker shades of purple need to be used carefully as it can overpower the entire look. The light shades of this color are chosen by creative people and they seem very uplifting.

Red – Love

The color of love often adds a romantic effect to the wedding. Having a red dress will definitely make you the center of attention, whether it is used as the block color or as an accentuating feature on a white dress. The darker tones of red are the perfect choice for an intimate wedding during the wintertime.

Brown – Organic

When choosing a vintage wedding dress, the brown and beige shades are becoming a popular choice. The color brown gives a feeling of stability and integrity. Vintage wedding dresses are put together with subtle tones of peach, beige, and brown and lace, pearls, or wooden beaded accessories can be paired beautifully with this color.

Black – Elegance

There is no need to hesitate if you want to wear a black wedding dress. This is a sophisticated and elegant color to wear as a wedding dress, especially when have a contemporary or black-tie wedding. This color is strong and pairs ideally with a white suit to add a twist on the traditions!

For an interesting twist to your wedding, opt for an out-of-the-box colored wedding dress!

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