How to Choose the Color of Your Wedding Dress for The Big Day

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Lissa


Wedding dresses come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but there’s one thing they all have in common. Wedding gowns are white. Right?

Not necessarily.

Aside from the growing popularity of colorful and printed gowns, there are many shades and variations on the “standard” white gown. In fact, relatively few of the bridal dresses stores carry would be considered “true white,” as it can clash with many skin tones. Here are a few of the popular wedding gown colors that the top Bay Area bridal shops have on offer, including right here at Flares Bridal + Formal.

Off White

This is one of the most common shades of white for wedding gowns. It’s a toned-down version of true white that avoids the harsh blue undertones while maintaining the classic bright white look. Different designers have different names for this shade, including Snow White, Winter White, or, as you’ll find in our Essence of Australia gowns, Diamond White.


One of the most popular shades for gowns in Bay Area bridal shops, ivory offers a touch of vintage charm. Rather than the icy blue undertones of true white, this warmer hue works great with a wide range of skin tones and in a wide range of fabric finishes, from glossy satin to matte crepe. It pairs well with accents such as beading, though rhinestones will have to be carefully matched as the white sparkle of diamond-hued stones might clash. Lace looks especially good with ivory gowns—check out some stunning examples from Pronovias!


With warm gold undertones, champagne is a color that’s grown in popularity in recent years. It’s a darker, richer version of ivory with lots of vintage appeal. It looks especially good in fabrics with satin finishes, or as an underlayer for tulle or lace gowns. Check out our gowns by Allure Bridal for a wide range of styles in champagne hues.


Millennial pink has made its way into the bridal dresses stores have on offer as the popularity of blush toned gowns increases. Like the gold hues in champagne dresses, the pink undertones in blush gowns give them a youthful, romantic look that plays well with soft fabrics. Stella York gowns make use of this color in tulle and organza, often overlaid with a paler lace as a contrast.

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