Elegance Redefined: The Latest Bridal Collections from Alena Leena and Made With Love

Posted on April 22, 2024 by Lissa


Finding a dream dress is one of the highlights of wedding planning. But let’s face it — looking at all the endless options can be overwhelming.


Need help? This blog cuts through the noise. We’ll showcase the latest bridal collections from two top brands: Alena Leena and Made With Love.


Get ready to discover stunning gowns that will transform you into a radiant bride on your special day.


We’ll highlight key features to help you find the perfect match for your unique style!


Alena Leena bridal gowns


Alena Leena is one of the most renowned names in bridal dresses, known for creating sophisticated and elegant wedding gowns for brides of different body types.


Their designs are stylish, high-quality, and unique, making them a favorite among brides who want to look their best on their big day.


The label was founded by Alena Goretskaya and is based in Ukraine.

Wearing an Alena Leena dress on your big day will make you feel special.


Each dress features delicate fabrics, intricate detailing, and careful handcrafting with premium materials, such as silk, satin, tulle, and lace, and these are all tailored to suit the unique measurements and one-of-a-kind style of every bride.


In addition, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail in every design, from the intricate embroidery to the delicate beadwork. Your dress will surely be a work of art that will make you more memorable as a bride.


Despite these intricate features and details, Alena Leena dresses are surprisingly comfortable, so you stay confident and at ease all day.


Whether you dream of wearing a sleek sheath dress or a classic ballgown, the label has something for you. Some pieces are modern interpretations of timeless styles, with edgy touches and contemporary flair.


Beyond the traditional white and ivory, Alena Leena offers a range of colors like champagne, blush, and gold!


Most importantly, each dress is meticulously crafted to your exact specifications for a perfect fit that flatters your unique silhouette.


If you dream of wearing an elegant and sophisticated wedding dress that brings out your style, don’t hesitate to choose Alena Leena.


You’ll appreciate the label’s high-quality materials, attention to detail, and customization options that will make you feel beautiful, special, and confident on your big day.


Let’s take a look at the latest Alena Leena bridal gowns here at Flares:


Alena Leena Hibiscus

It’s easy to fall in love with Hibiscus with its corset top and neckline shape. The tastefully sexy slit and basque waist will make your figure stand out on your big day.



Alena Leena Dahlia

Can you picture yourself wearing a ballgown with a modern twist on your wedding day?


If so, Dahlia is a great choice with its timeless styling, featuring a basque waist and scoop neckline. With its premium, luxurious fabric, you’ll feel like a queen in this dreamy dress.


Alena Leena Plumeria

How about a liquid satin wedding dress? If that’s your preferred aesthetic, we recommend Plumeria by Alena Leena.


It might look simple, but the details make it stand out, such as the soft square neckline and the luxurious liquid satin fabric that is further emphasized as it drapes from a fitting skirt.


Moreover, it creates a sophisticated silhouette that suits many body types. This customizable couture gown will be cut in Europe, making it extra special for any bride.



Alena Leena Clivia

Alena Leena perfectly combines angelic and feminine aesthetics on Clivia, resulting in a wedding dress that will suit any bride who wants to feel like a princess without sacrificing timelessness and a trendy look.


This bridal gown features the designer’s signature pleated tulle that goes well with the sweetheart top.


If you look closely, the neckline has intricate hand-beaded 3D floral applique. The A-line skirt’s top part also has decorative details extending from the neckline.


Alena Leena Armeria

Corset-top wedding dresses will always stay in style, especially for Boho brides. Alena Leena’s Armeria is proof of this with its timeless feminine pleated tulle bustier that perfectly complements the tiered skirt.


The dress also works for fairytale and cottagecore aesthetics with its modern angled neckline for the corset top and the soft frill skirt that complements the pleated top.



Made With Love bridal gowns

Hailing from Australia, Made With Love is well-known for its quality, effortlessly chic, and distinctly personalized bridal dresses designed by Carla Jenkins. These features quickly elevated the label’s status as a luxury bridal brand.


Today, Made With Love dresses continue to revolutionize bridal fashion by focusing on creating modern and beautiful dresses for natural, everyday beauties.


Made With Love wedding dresses are instantly recognizable by their daring V-necklines and plunging low backs.


The brand is known for using luxurious French crepe fabrics on its dresses.


Made With Love designs are exclusively found in their exclusive boutiques and retailers around the world, and here at Flares, we are proud to bring their latest selection to the brides-to-be who wish to look effortlessly chic, stylish, and elegant on their big day!


Designed with effortless chic, timeless style, and elegance in mind, Made With Love caters to brides seeking a look that effortlessly turns heads on their wedding day.


A seasoned team and the designer carefully consider every aspect of the design throughout production, from conceptualization to completion.


As a result, these dresses always succeed in exceeding a bride’s expectations. Wearing a Made With Love creation is genuinely a high-quality and unique experience for every bride.


Here are some of the latest Made With Love dresses that we carry here at Flares:


Made With Love Hudson

Rich beaded lace is the highlight of this dress by Made With Love. Hudson will make you feel sexy and elegant with its deep V-neckline and plunging back.


The detachable bows add dainty details to the dress and perfectly complement the rest of the glamorous styling of this dress.


Made With Love Hunter

Do you prefer a minimalist dress? Hunter by Made With Love fits the bill. Despite its simplicity, it’s undeniably fashion-forward and chic for any modern bride.


The dress combines side tulle cut-outs and a square neckline with French crepe fabric that delicately hugs the body to fit like a glove, resulting in a unique and stunning silhouette.


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