Embrace Elegance and Confidence: Why a Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress Is Your Perfect Match

Posted on April 15, 2024 by Lissa

Embrace Elegance and Confidence: Why a Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress Is Your Perfect Match


Are you about to start shopping for a dress for your big day? Like many brides, you probably have a vision of an ideal dress.


Perhaps you dream of something that hugs your curves and then flares out or something with sparkling details from top to bottom. Or maybe you want a more minimalist gown with clean lines.


Having a dream dress can help you search for the perfect one that is more accessible but can also hinder you from discovering new possibilities.


This is why it’s still important to keep an open mind. Wedding dress experts often suggest trying different silhouettes—even those that seem outside your comfort zone.


After all, what looks good on a model or the rack might not feel the same when you wear it. Who knows? You might fall in love with a dress you have never considered wearing!


Are you curious about mermaid-style dresses but need to know if they suit your figure? There’s no harm in trying one on! The following are some reasons this silhouette might be the one for you. 



Reason #1: The Mermaid Silhouette Is Flattering for Most Body Shapes.


Contrary to popular belief, mermaid dresses can look great on everyone—not just on brides with curvier frames. The key?


Choose the right style. For example, a detailed bodice or a skirt with ruching (gathered fabric) can add visual interest for brides with straighter figures. Such design elements create the illusion of curves.


Petite bust? No problem.


The mermaid wedding gown has an eye-catching detail with its lace filled with starry patterns and shimmering thread embroidery stretching across the thin shoulder straps, around the waist, and down the skirt.


This dress works wonders for brides with smaller chests because the upper part introduces extra dimension and some volume. 


In contrast, the Allure A 1161 design is ideal for those who might prefer less exposure around the chest yet want to keep their look sleek and striking.


This gown is unique because of its lace work, which showcases a soft scattering of flowers that create a refined vibe. The dress cleverly uses a see-through material with flower designs spread throughout.



Reason #2: The Mermaid Style Is Versatile.


Mermaid dresses come in a wide array of styles. Whether you’re drawn to a classic sweetheart cut or rather have sleeves or straps for more chest support, this type of wedding down delivers.


It can even be integrated with long sleeves, providing a range of looks to suit any bride’s preference.


Check out our Allure Romance 3450 lace dress! This highly adaptable style features a removable long-sleeved cape, perfect for those who want to change their look throughout their wedding day.


The dress’s base layer is available in either a soft latte shade or classic ivory, beautifully complemented by the intricate lace exterior!


Our Made with Love’s Eliott mermaid gown is another excellent choice. Crafted in delicate Chantilly lace, it features a transparent tulle neckline and back adorned with gentle floral details and shiny gems.


And then there’s the Justin Alexander 8656 gown, another top pick! This mermaid dress has a detailed lace top and a smooth fabric bottom.


The back has an illusion feature with buttons, and there’s also a long, flowing train. Just lovely!



Reason #3: Mermaid Dresses Have A Naturally Romantic Aesthetic.


Mermaid dresses have a certain charm — they wrap around your body and spread out at the bottom to create that fairy-tale feel that’s perfect for saying, “I do.” 


Walking down with our Allure Bridal wedding dress, you’ll look like a vision. This gown flows out with a grand train beginning right where the skirt ends, enhancing its majestic look.


It’s detailed with small floral pieces and shimmering stones that blend seamlessly with the material for a sophisticated and striking finish.


Or you can consider the Made with Love Elsie Fitted for the romantic bride. The removable bows and signature exquisite lace set Elsie apart as a choice for the bride who cherishes romance.


The plunging neckline paired with translucent side details and impressive train lend this dress impeccably elegance, sprinkled with a hint of Allure!



Reason #4: The Mermaid Wedding Dress Is A Fashion-Forward Option.


Mermaid dresses have always been loved for their daring yet tasteful approach to design —fashionable and ever-evolving as newer styles emerge.


You’ll feel confident walking down the aisle knowing that you’ve selected a timeless dress with a touch of boldness.


The Made with Love wedding dresses shows the mermaid’s lasting appeal. This dress has a smooth, fitted look with lace added in just the right places, and it includes a special lining to shape the body perfectly. It’s designed to fit snugly and make anyone wearing it look their best!


For a different style, consider the Allure Bridal 9851. This gown stands out with its see-through low back and thin, sparkly straps, finishing with a lengthy train.


Its stretchy material ensures the dress wraps closely around the body, enhancing comfort and providing a great fit.


The Allure Bridal 9860 dress is a personal favorite. Its unique off-shoulder bands are mixed with soft lace and a long, see-through bottom part. It sits tight at the waist, drawing attention to the body shape in a way that looks effortlessly feminine. 


Try Mermaid-Style Wedding Dresses At Flares Bridal.

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