Get the Best Style of Wedding Dress for your Figure

Posted on March 31, 2017 by lissakamel

When the occasion calls for looking the very best, it can only be accomplished by a combination of many aspects.  The right material, suitable hues and the best cut should all factor in the figure of the person who is to be outfitted. Therefore when you go about choosing a wedding dress, bear in mind the way you are endowed, to get a dress that will elevate your looks. We unveil some of the most suitable styles of wedding dresses to suit different shapes.

Pear shaped ? Look at ballgowns for accentuated beauty

Ballgowns are ideal for pear shaped brides. The flares at the waist that proceed to complete the full length skirt help to tuck away the bottom heavy look. A captivating look can be created by the ballgown with a fitted bodice. A blusher veil will complete the look to make you the centerpiece of attraction.

Petite? Small framed? The trumpet will add volume

The trumpet is ideal for brides who consider themselves to be petite or small framed. More of a hybrid between a mermaid and an A-line, this cut adds volume the mid-waist area. The bodice remains fitted and begins to gently flare out in style, giving volume and lending beauty to the bride.

Slim with a wish to flaunt with grace? The mermaid is what the dress specialist prescribes

A slim and slender figure can be flaunted in style and grace with the right cut of dress, namely the mermaid.  This dress hugs the body till the knee, from where it gracefully flares.

Universal fit through A-line and modified A-line

For those who choose to go with universal fits that suit all body styles, the A-line and modified A-line will be a great wedding dress. It comprises a fitted bodice design that gradually morphs into a flare towards the hem. The design closely resembles the alphabet A, lending it the identity of A-Line. This universal fit will suit every body type with grace and elegance.

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