Determining Your Bridal Style: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on March 12, 2024 by Lissa

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Congratulations! You’re engaged, and now the whirlwind of wedding planning begins. One of the most exciting aspects for any bride-to-be is discovering her bridal style.

Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique personality and preferences, and your bridal style sets the tone for the entire event.

But with so many options and trends, how do you determine the perfect style for you?


Understanding Bridal Style

Before diving into the specifics, let’s understand what bridal style encompasses.

Your bridal style encompasses everything from your wedding gown to your hair and makeup, venue choice, decor preferences, and even your overall wedding theme.

It’s a cohesive vision that reflects your personality and sets the tone for your big day.


Exploring Different Bridal Styles

Every bride is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to bridal style. Here, we’ll explore some popular bridal styles to help you identify which resonates with you the most.

1. Classic Elegance

Classic elegance is timeless and sophisticated. Think clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and understated glamour.

A classic bride gravitates towards traditional silhouettes like ball gowns or A-line dresses, often adorned with lace or subtle embellishments.

Choosing Your Dress

When selecting your gown, opt for timeless designs that will never go out of style. A-line or ball gown silhouettes are universally flattering, while lace detailing adds a touch of romance.

2. Bohemian Chic

Bohemian chic brides embrace a free-spirited, laid-back vibe. Flowy fabrics, floral crowns, and earthy elements define this style.

Boho brides are drawn to effortless, whimsical designs that exude a sense of adventure.

Embracing Natural Beauty

For a bohemian-inspired look, embrace your natural beauty with soft, tousled waves and a fresh, dewy makeup look. Incorporate natural elements like wildflowers or succulents into your bouquet and decor.


3. Modern Glamour

Modern glamour brides are all about making a statement. Bold, fashion-forward designs, sleek silhouettes, and glamorous details define this style. A modern bride isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and embrace the latest trends.

Making a Statement

To channel modern glamour, opt for sleek, figure-hugging silhouettes with unexpected details like plunging necklines or dramatic trains. Incorporate metallic accents and statement jewelry for added drama.


Finding Your Bridal Style

Now that you have a better understanding of different bridal styles, it’s time to find your own. Here are some tips to help you determine your bridal style:


1. Reflect on Your Personal Style

Consider your everyday style preferences. Are you drawn to classic, timeless pieces, or do you prefer more eclectic, bohemian looks? Your everyday style can offer valuable insights into your bridal style preferences.


2. Gather Inspiration

Browse bridal magazines, Pinterest boards, and wedding blogs to gather inspiration. Save images of dresses, hairstyles, and decor elements that resonate with you.

Pay attention to recurring themes and aesthetics.


3. Consider Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue can also influence your bridal style. A beach wedding calls for a different aesthetic than a formal ballroom affair.

Consider how your venue’s ambiance and surroundings align with your vision.


How Flares Bridal Can Help

Flares Bridal is dedicated to helping brides discover their perfect bridal style.

With a vast selection of designer wedding gowns and knowledgeable consultants, Flares Bridal provides a personalized shopping experience tailored to each bride’s unique preferences.

Expert Guidance

At Flares Bridal, experienced consultants are on hand to offer expert guidance and advice.

Whether you’re unsure of which silhouette flatters your figure or need help narrowing down your options, our team is here to help.

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Extensive Collection

With a diverse range of designer wedding gowns, Flares Bridal offers something for every bride.

Whether you’re searching for a classic ball gown, a bohemian-inspired sheath dress, or a modern mermaid silhouette, you’re sure to find the perfect gown to suit your style.


Customization Options

At Flares Bridal, we understand that every bride is unique. That’s why we offer customization options to ensure your gown perfectly reflects your individual style.

From subtle alterations to custom embellishments, we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.


Determining your bridal style is an exciting part of the wedding planning process.

Whether you’re a classic bride, a bohemian spirit, or a modern trendsetter, there’s a perfect style waiting to be discovered.

By exploring different aesthetics, reflecting on your personal preferences, and gathering inspiration, you can confidently embrace the bridal style that speaks to you.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How far in advance should I start determining my bridal style?

It’s never too early to start! Ideally, begin exploring bridal styles as soon as you start wedding planning to ensure you have enough time to find the perfect look.


What if I can’t decide between two bridal styles?

If you’re torn between two styles, consider incorporating elements from both into your wedding day. Mix and match to create a unique, personalized aesthetic that reflects your individuality.


Is it essential for my bridal style to match my wedding theme?

While it’s not necessary for your bridal style to perfectly align with your wedding theme, cohesiveness can enhance the overall aesthetic of your big day. Aim for harmony between your attire, decor, and venue.


Can I change my bridal style after I’ve already chosen my dress?

While it’s possible to make adjustments to your bridal style as your wedding plans evolve, try to finalize your vision before purchasing your gown to ensure everything complements each other seamlessly.


Where can I find bridal style inspiration?

You can find inspiration for your bridal style from various sources, including bridal magazines, online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, bridal salons, and wedding blogs.

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