Have you been looking for San Francisco California Mermaid Wedding Dresses? Flare Bridal can meet all of your needs in one charming little boutique. We are conveniently located in Walnut Creek and eager for you to visit us. After your engagement was made official, your first thought was probably along the lines of, “I need to find a dress!” Indeed, while there are many aspects of a wedding to prepare for, your dress will be paramount in expressing yourself during the wedding procession. You should feel proud of it and as beautiful as you’ve ever felt. Just think about the wedding photos!

A mermaid gown is currently a favorite for many brides and formal gowns. It is special because it gives you the appearance of having a fabulous mermaid tail. However, this is just one of many possible styles of bridal gowns you should consider. In this article, we want to show you some silhouette styles, waistlines, and straps that you will better be able to describe after reading. We can’t wait to see you in our boutique!

Silhouette Styles

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A mermaid gown

The silhouette of your dress is the shape it makes. If you are searching for a mermaid style gown, that would be considered a silhouette or skirt style. There are many possible options for your dress shape. Many women either go for something that fits them closely or something long and dramatic.


A mermaid style dress fits your form and flares out at the bottom. The flare is usually made of a material like tule or organza for a fun and textured look. Since this look is supposed to suggest the shape of a mermaid tail, the bodice shape usually drops very low. That way, it appears as if you are an enchanted sea creature.


A sheath dress is usually undefined in shape so that it falls straight down. This is best done with empire waistlines or plunge necklines and is very versatile when it comes to sleeve shapes. The fabric of the dress falls straight down, making it completely mobile and breezy. This dress is perfect for a windswept look.


Ballgowns are meant for the most royal of us. If you want something big, bold, and beautiful, seek out a ballgown style dress. These are the grandest skirts that flow outwards and usually are high-waisted. You could look like the fairytale princess of your dreams!


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How would you like your waistline?

Your waistline is defined by the shape of the contour around your waist. This can be very high or low, fitted or lose, tied or not present at all. You will want to decide which kind of waistline you would like. While we can’t describe them all, we can take a look at some popular styles which might suit a mermaid gown.


A dropped waist is cinched just past the beginning of your thighs. This gives you a long and elegant appearance. This is usually used with a flared bottom to give you the classic mermaid tail look. Sometimes, the bodice is a completely different material than the skirt. This way, the distinction between the shapes is much clearer.


A basque waist is when your bodice drops into a v or u shape below your waist. This creates the illusion of a corset that became popular during the Victorian era. These waistlines go beautifully with a full skirt and train. We also recommend long sleeves for the full effect of sophistication and grace.


A natural waist doesn’t need to be too tight or shaped. It can simply be tailored to suit the natural curve of your body or left loose. If you would like a gown that fits you in the simplest manner, we suggest this waistline. This looks especially good with long or flared skirts.


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Think about the strap style you would prefer

Straps are an optional choice when it comes to bridal dresses since many of them are made to fit around your waist tightly. However, they can completely define the shape of your neckline and how much of your chest, neck, and shoulders are revealed. You will want to think about what kinds of straps you would like. Here are a few kinds you will be able to consider, however, the possibilities are almost endless.


A sleeveless dress is self-explanatory. If you would like to show off your beautiful collar and neck, don’t bother with sleeves. Many dresses look great without them! We suggest going for a sweetheart cut or maybe even straight across.

Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps are thin straps which hold your dress up. You can decorate these or have flowing sleeves attached for a little more drama. However, spaghetti straps look fantastic on their own because of their trademark appearance. We love this style!

Long Sleeve

For the most graceful look, we suggest long sleeves. These look especially great if they are fully or partially made of sheer material or decorated with lace or floral designs. You can pair these very well with full-length ballgowns, empire waists, and dresses decorated with lace. While having them fitted to your arm is very graceful, they can look equally great flowing around your arm instead.

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