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Fabric Comes First

In order to get the right feel for a dress, it literally requires the right fabric first and foremost. Chances are you won’t feel too comfortable or confident in a dress that doesn’t appeal to your body. If it’s too rough, or stiff, it may reduce the appeal you have for the dress. We want to ensure that your big day is unscathed. So we’re here to help you stay informed so that a situation such as this doesn’t occur. The fabric should make you breathe lighter, move with grace and relax in your skin. Below we’ve mentioned some of the fabrics that you will encounter in your wedding gown endeavors.


Both illustrious and smooth, this fabric will fit the form and drape very softly. It is not a very heavy fabric, nor is it too lightweight. For that fact, the dress should fall elegantly on your frame. While it may be a little more on the expensive side, it is going to be a textile worth your while.


This material is a simple, semi-sheer, grainy cloth. Which means it is somewhat transparent but still soft and moveable. It is rather tear-resistant though, so you can rest assured. This fabric is not too difficult to color and has been known to be one of the most popular materials for printing. This fabric is made through the use of threads spun into highly twisted yarns. The dressmaker for which it was named after is Georgette De La Plante, who was prominent in the early twentieth century. For a dress made of this, we recommend warm-weather, like summer or spring weddings.


While it’s a heavier fabric, the fact that it is made of silk means that it can be used throughout the year in any season. This beautiful material lustrous sheen that is far and away from the other competition, it the most impressing. When you look upon it in the light, it gives off this illustrious and iridescent shimmer. That is because it is often woven with different color threads to maintain the illusion. We would recommend this fabric for winter or fall weddings, especially. This is because of the heat retention that a thicker material may provide in colder times of the year.

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Let’s Talk About Waistlines

While the fabric will maintain your comfort, one of the ways you can control how your audience perceives you is through the alteration of the waist. It has the potential to make huge impacts through tactics of both flattery and camouflage. You may be able to reduce the heft of a pear-shaped body type or evoke a more slender, taller frame through the waistline. We have shown a few options to give you a good idea of what you will be dealing with.


If you have a small waistline already, this look is perfect for you. It will fall right on your hips and bring out the natural curves that your body already possesses. In this essence, it keeps your movements fluid and highlights rather than camouflages. Perfect for those with an hourglass figure among us!


Speaking of highlights, if you feel self-conscious about your hips then you might want to consider another option. For this look will certainly embellish the look of your hips. The term dropped refers to the level of the waist that the dress is based on. This can be anywhere from 3 inches to 12 inches below your natural waistline. The main advantage of this look is to make more petite women appear taller in stature.


This is a very beautiful look that camouflages in an elegant manner. The waist for this sort of dress forms right underneath the bust. It is a cloud-like look that will most likely hug your ribcage instead of your waist. While it may imbalance the look of your body if you have a big bust, it can truly emboss petite women or those with pear-shaped figures. This is due to the airy, weightless skirt that flairs out above the hips. Additionally, it can really flatter someone with a small bust and give this very lighthearted princess effect.

About Our Service

The unique detail about Flare’s Bridal + Formal is in the service that we provide to our clients. For instance, when you select an appointment with us, you will be assigned your own personal bridal consultant. They have a great pedigree in taking care of brides and providing them with all of the proper critiques and advice. Through their attention to detail, and yours, you will certainly be in a much better position. Plus, it won’t be too difficult deciding when you have your own personal fitting room and bridal station, either! All of these details will be readily available to you when you set up an appointment with us. All of our dresses shown within our selection are made by award-winning designers from all over the world. Yet they are here, waiting for you, now.


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