There is only one place to have the best Bay Area bridal gowns, Flares Bridal + Formal. Our boutique specializes in bridal wear. We have a plethora of dresses and gowns to choose from in San Francisco. No matter what your size, budget, taste, or venue is, Flares Bridal + Formal has a bridal gown for every bride. Every bride will be satisfied with the massive collection of bridal gowns we have available.

Our collection of wedding gowns has several different types that will be at each bride’s fingertips. Our website features several categories ranging from flirty to boutique. Brides can also select from designers they may prefer. Below, you will find a list of every designer Flares Bridal + Formal carry. 

  • Made with Love
  • Allure Bridal
  • Madison James
  • Stella York
  • Pronovias
  • Atelier
  • Martina Liana
  • Essence of Australia
  • Mikaela Bridal
  • Paloma Blanca
  • Willoby by Watters
  • Devine Atelier
  • Chic Nostalgia

Get the Best Bay Area Bridal Gowns at Flares

If the bride is not happy with her bridal gown, then the wedding will be all wrong. The bride is, for many, an essential part of the wedding and she is going to need a gown that she falls in love with. Every bride can find the perfect bridal gown here at Flares Bridal + Formal. We are confident we can find you that dream bridal gown for the biggest day of your life. Buying the perfect dress is stressful. You want to love it, but you also want those in your wedding party to also love it. Flares Bridal + Formal is determined to provide the best Bay Area bridal gown for your wedding.

Dresses versus Gowns

Now, you may be wondering what the difference is between a wedding dress and a wedding gown. The time leading up to your big day is super stressful, and the last thing you want is confusion. We will help determine what kind of gown or dress you might need for your big day. San Francisco has many places to choose from, but none of them are better than Flares Bridal + Formal.

Here is the best way to define these two types of bridal wear apart. We want to warn you; it is a little confusing. Regardless, exposing the differences to you will only help you grasp the differences in the future. All gowns are considered dresses, but not all dresses are gowns. What this is essentially saying is gowns are nestled into a broader category called dresses. However, not all of those dresses are in the gown subcategory. This is not the only difference between the two types of dress have. Most of the time, they have design differences as well.

What is a dress?

Bridal shops may advertise these two different kinds of wear, like the same, but there are differences. The two most significant differences in the decision of a dress or gown are the material and event. Certain elements decide whether the clothing is a dress or a gown. Chiffon usually is what makes up gowns while the cotton makes up dresses. Wedding dresses are more casual than a wedding or a bridal gown. Don’t let casual sound demeaning in any way because the dress is very formal. However, the material in which the gown is created makes the wedding dress less formal.

Wedding Dresses at Flares

What is a gown?

Formality is everything when deciding what to wear to an event. You wouldn’t wear a bridal gown to an outdoor wedding. You would want to wear it to a prestigious venue in a ballroom or church. Gowns are normally beaded and have a brocade corseted affair with lining. These parts are made out of more expensive materials which then leads them to be more expensive as a whole. A wedding gown will be longer than a wedding dress. It will more elaborate designs than the dress, which may feel more reserved at times with its design. One great rule of thumb to follow is that gowns are always more formal. Dresses can be worn day-to-day, but gowns are for very specific occasions.

Bridal Gowns at Flares

Bay Area Bridal Gowns at Flares Bridal + Formal

Hopefully, that helped you with the future of deciding what to wear to that black-tie event or dinner. It will also help you decide on the kind of wedding you want to have. A dress will result in a less formal type of wedding while the gown will be distinguished among the rest. Planning the wedding is a stressful time, and having all this information will only make it easier for the bride.

Sometimes, the bride will plan the wedding around her wedding gown completely. Even if this possibility does not sound like you, it may inspire you to choose a wedding dress or gown a different way. Spicing things up is never a bad thing. Plus, during a stressful time, it never hurts to try out something new. It helps relieve stress before the big day. Fortunately for all the brides and their parties, Flares Bridal + Formal has you covered. It is not every day the bride has an easy day planning the wedding. They need all the help they can get when planning. Flares Bridal + Formal are determined to help the bride out as much as possible when it comes to the bridal gown or dress.

Like we have said before and will keep saying, one of the biggest parts of the wedding is the bride’s dress or gown. If she is not happy with it, then no one else will be in the wake. The dress the bride wears at the wedding is the show stopper. It is the moment everyone waits for, so it is crucial to wow them immediately. Picking the best dress can be done at Flares Bridal + Formal because we have an extensive selection of dresses to choose from. Each one is different from the last, and we guarantee you will find yours here.

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