Have you been searching through Bay Area bridal shops near me for the perfect wedding dress? Come and see Flare’s Bridal + Formal then, we are an excellent bridal shop within your area. Even more than that, we have an incredibly prestigious collection of dresses designed by award-winning dressmakers from all over the world. Searching through the halls of dresses really is a breathtaking experience at our location. However, instead of getting lost in the maze of dresses, we will be able to take care of your needs and keep you on track.

How Our Process Works

When you set up your appointment with us, you will be provided a certain array of services. That will consist of a bride consultant, first and foremost. Our consultant is thoroughly trained in all of the different types of styles, materials, and fits that wedding dress is offered in. Furthermore, they have advanced knowledge of all of the different dressmakers. They will know what is trending, and what has gone out of fashion. The next benefit that will be provided to you is the comfort of having your very own fitting room. There are no reasons to interfere with your experience so why should there be, we want to ensure you that you will have an experience that will keep you in control!

What Options Make Up A Wedding Dress?

This is important to note because there really is a huge amount of options to select between. For example, you will need to have a certain fabric, one that is distinct and particular for you and you only. The same can be said for the silhouette of the dress. The form you take will be revealing to everyone about the kind of person you are and what you stand for. The beauty is reinforced in the details, too. There are options available for the type of necklines that you might want, also. This can be a treat because of how versatile the neckline is. The choices extend all the way to how long you’d like the dress to go, and whether or not you’d like sleeves.

Every look is tailored to you but it is all about the body type that you should keep in mind. What look will flatter your figure, and if you have insecurities that you would like to hide, which ones will camouflage you. These sorts of details make up the dress and create the look that you envisioned. Flare’s Bridal + Formal will be able to give you advice and insight for all of these options and even help you select every particular facet of your dress. Don’t worry! You will find that perfect dress.

When Was The First Wedding Dress Made?

While today, weddings are meant to symbolize love and happiness, they were originally business deals. In a time when it was dangerous just to be outside, and the world was filled with darkness and ignorance about all sorts of things, families would stay together. Only in the event of creating new life or preserving it would they move to bring other families in. The result would be a ceremonial union that became the weddings we have today. At that time, the dress was actually a symbol of familial characteristics rather than the bride herself. They carry certain fabrics, colors, and motifs that evoke a certain detail that the family wants to represent them. It is similar to a coat of arms, and for all intents and purposes, works to the same effect.

Yet this nobility has merit, the world was not as big as it is today and people were very dangerous. One cannot understate that. To showcase your family colors was an honor, and to do so brought great reward. One of the largest being security. To be apart of a family that could afford the rich silks and embroidery that you can see throughout history was a mark of incredible wealth. However, they did not typically make a dress for the wedding itself. They would only select their best dress on hand. That should give an idea of how sought after these fabrics and artisan skills were.

This sort of activity dates as far back as the 1400s. It would not be until 1840 when the Queen of England dawned a seminal white dress. The action was so inspiring that thousands of women all around the world followed this trend. It became so popular that when a decade had gone by, a woman’s magazine in America (One of the first of its kind) declared that white was the most suitable color for all brides. With that claim, the rest is history!

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Flare’s Bridal + Formal is one of the most premier bridal shops in the Bay Area. We can offer a highly personalized experience that is one on one and exceptionally insightful. We want your wedding gowns selecting an experience to be stressless — or at least easier than usual! Simply put, this is because a wedding is an incredibly special moment that deserves peace and enjoyment all around. With our help, you should be able to hurdle these obstacles. Savor all of the little details building up to your big day! It’s all for you, after all. If you are interested in finding your dress now, contact us through our website or give us a call at (925)-939-3306. Our sublime customer service will be happy to help. Otherwise feel free to visit our location at  1700 North Broadway Suite 100, in Walnut Creek, California. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!


  • There were three major events were quintessential in bringing the bay area to a critical mass: The Gold Rush of 1849, the founding of Stanford and Berkeley, and the installation of military bases.
  • Before Silicon Valley, the bay area was home for fruit orchards and massive fruit canneries.
  • The “greater” Bay Area refers to 9 counties and over 3 dozen cities with a population of 8 million people collectively, it includes San Francisco.
  • Silicon Valley gets its name from Silicon, a naturally occurring element from which computer chips are made.
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