Are you looking for the perfect Wedding Dress San Francisco CA? There’s no city like San Francisco, and you want your bridal gown to be as bold as your corner of California. Just think about it. You are at your dream wedding, your friends and family are ecstatic, your spouse is beaming at the end of the aisle, and you emerge draped in your dream gown. You look like a princess or a character from an epic romance movie. For once, you can command the full attention of the room.

The dress that gets this reaction isn’t one you should have to compromise for. You want the perfect one. If you have been dreaming of your wedding for a long time, you no doubt already have one in mind. But how would you describe it? Is it the classic white, or blush pink, or a daring black? How about champagne? How does the bodice look, what fabric does the dress use, is your train long or not? The possibilities are endless. Let’s touch on some dress terminology so you can have a better handle on what you need from a bridal gown.

Wedding Dress Fabrics

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The fabric your dress is made from is a statement about who you are

The fabric of your dress sets the tone for the entire look. Think about your associations with each fabric. For example, satin, with its pearl-white sheen and shine, looks very clean and sophisticated. Something sheerer, like mesh, looks graceful and breezy. Lace is alluring and powerful. Let’s talk about the more popular wedding fabric choices.

Satin and Silk

Satin is characterized for its smooth, shiny appearance and solid color. If you want something that has a dramatic silhouette and looks pure white, this is a great choice. Meghan Markle wore a dress like this to her royal wedding. Silk doesn’t have quite the same shimmer, but it is still incredibly graceful and durable while being sheerer than satin. You can never go wrong with either of these classics.


Lace has become a wedding favorite due to its versatile application and textured appearance. You can have designs in your dress that are reminiscent of floral patterns, ivy, or ice and snow. Lace can also be used with champagne or blush pink colors to give it a deeper look. Done properly, this can give your dress a unique shape and design.


This fabric is made for the bride who likes to have fun. Tule is very light and looks very textured in comparison to more solid fabrics like satin. It is very easy to tear because it is full of tiny cross-hatched threads that catch often. Because of this, it is not as popular as the fabrics above. However, taken care of properly, tule is very buoyant and has many possible applications.

Bodice Shapes

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What bodice shape do you want?

The bodice is the closest-fitting part of your dress, which covers your chest, back, and waist. It can define the shape of your neckline as well. Another term you might have heard which is essentially the same as a bodice is a corset. Corsets are characterized as very tight-fitting bodices which are tied and clipped at the back.

Empire Waist

An empire bodice is cinched below your breasts and ribs. This seats your skirt very high above your waist. Empire waist bodices are a popular choice for ballgowns and flowy skirts. Many women who are going for a more dignified and royal appearance choose an empire waist dress.

Straight Bodice

A straight bodice is when the bodice is not fitted or adjusted to fit your body closely. This bodice shape looks wonderful with a boatneck or bateau neckline and a full skirt. This shape makes for a very modest looking dress.

Gathered Bodice

A gathered bodice is cinched closely around your waist so that the rest of the fabric gathers around it. This gives you a defined waist without taking away the defined bodice and skirt. This is used very often with larger skirts or flowy dresses.

Ascending Point Bodice

This bodice is usually cinched under your breasts with a point that comes up on your sternum. This gives your chest shape and accentuates your natural curves. This is a great look for more form-fitting gowns, especially ones made from lace or silk. Due to this, we love this graceful look for a reason.

Skirt Trains

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Would you like to have a train?

A train is a part of your skirt that drags on the ground. They can be short and shaped like the example above, or they can be so long that they need to be carried. Trains are famous for making anyone look like royalty as they walk down the aisle. This could help create the defining moment of your big day. You can either have a long train, a short train, or no train.

Long Train

Wow, the audience with this timeless statement. As you walk down the aisle, this train will follow in your footsteps. If you are a woman who lives for the drama of it all, try this classic look. You will stun your audience with this bold choice. After all, no one can do it this big.

Short Train

Alternatively, a short train keeps the drama of a long train without being cumbersome. If you look at the photo above, you will see an example of this. If you would like a compromise between a long train and the absence of one, go for this look.

No Train

This is self-explanatory. Because of this, your dress has no train!

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