Is it time for you to be looking for Wedding Dress Shops Near Me Walnut Creek CA? Flares Bridal wants to congratulate you on your engagement! Every year, more and more brides-to-be join our clientele. We absolutely love being able to serve our community in Walnut Creek and the greater Bay Area through supplying designer wedding gowns. If you are on the hunt for a dress worthy of a princess, we know that we can provide you with it.

During your search, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options you have in front of you. Choosing a wedding gown is one of the most selective fashion choices you will ever undertake. In this article, we’re helping you narrow down some of the terminology and options you’ll have.

Neckline Styles

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Consider a signature neckline

Your neckline, combined with your straps and bodice style which we will talk about below, defines the top of your dress. This will be the piece that frames your neck, shoulders, and chest. That, or it will cover it! Keep in mind that high necklines tend to be paired with low backs and vice-versa. Let’s think about a couple of your options so that your dream gown creates a more detailed image in your mind.


Sweethearts form a heart-shape over your chest, hence the name. They are usually paired with spaghetti straps or completely sleeveless for the ideal look. This look is very feminine and ideal for creating an hourglass figure. Sweetheart necklines are sweet, playful, and flirtatious, which leads many women to choose them for their gowns. If you like to select something trendy, look for a gown with this neckline.

High Neck

These necklines will usually sit above your collarbone or just below it. High necks are usually circular, almost like a crew neck shirt, to form the ideal look. This high neck look is very dignified and sophisticated. If you would like to look like a queen at her coronation, we love this look.

Strapless Straight

A strapless straight neckline cuts straight across your chest to form a structured look. If you want something more austere and modern, you should consider this look. Many designers are choosing this neckline for more modern or minimalistic trends. When going for a dramatic white dress, strapless straight necklines look great across your neck.

Sleeves and Bodices

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You’ll need to think about these as well!

As well as your neckline, your sleeve and bodice style will create the look of the top part of your dress. You will have to think about what kind of look you want to go here. Also, it would be prudent to consider what weather you are getting married in. For example, a winter wedding may call for long sleeves, and a summer wedding may call for none at all. If you are going to be outdoors, you might want some that are light and easily picked up by the wind.

Bodices are where your dress fits around your chest, stomach, and back. Some of them are down to the knees and some sit directly under your breast line. You can also have one that is very relaxed or tight, depending on your preference. Think about how you will want your bridal gown to fit.

Sleeve Styles

There are several possible styles of sleeves to think about. Of course, before we move on, you know that sleeveless is your first option. There are many sleeveless styles available for you at Flares Bridal. Some of these are spaghetti straps, halters, long sleeve, off-the-shoulder, and relaxed sleeves. If you can, picture yourself at your wedding. How do your sleeves fall, if you have any? Picture it before moving on.

Bodice Styles

Now that you have thought about your sleeve and neckline, you can consider your bodice. Is it tight-fitted or relaxed in the way it settles over your body? Is the seam under your breast line, like an empire waist, or is it dropped to your knees to create a mermaid gown? Furthermore, consider texture and material. This is a great place to implement lace choices.

Veils and Trains

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Veils are back in fashion

While they were temporarily considered old-fashioned, veils and trains have become trendy again. Because of this, we want to tell you about your options here. These pieces are no longer accessories, but complete statements. Think about whether or not you think either of these would be for you.

Veils Are In

A veil is a drape of lightweight material, usually tulle, that goes over your head. You can style this into your hair or drape it over your face as many women have done. While these used to be very simple, designers are getting creative with veils now. Many have scalloped lace or woven designs, like flowers or polka dots. Implemented correctly, this addition to your wedding piece could be a game-changer.

Train Length Choices

Trains are incredibly dramatic, and that’s why we love them. This is a piece of fabric that extends out from your skirt and is either held or drapes across the ground. While these usually start small, they can be several feet long. The longest train length would be a royal or cathedral length, or you can start with a simple 14-inch train. Everything is up to you!

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