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Flares Bridal proudly carries bridal gowns from many reputable, award-winning designers. We have just about every style you can think of in our Walnut Creek bridal shop. If you are engaged or thinking about getting married, you have likely already imagined what your dream dress looks like. However, you may not know the proper terminology for some fashions and cuts. In this article, we’re going to talk about waistline styles, train styles, and necklines so that you can better describe what you’re looking for.

In order to move forward, you need to think about what you want. Therefore, we have prepared some dress style categories for you to think about when you’re looking in Walnut Creek for formal gowns and wedding dresses. When your designer asks what you want in a dress, you will be able to tell her!

Waistline Styles

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What kind of waistline do you want?

The waistline is defined by how the dress fits above your waist. Because of this, it can be fitted, loose, or styled. There are several different options for a dress’s waistline, so let’s highlight a few of them for your convenience.


A dropped waistline will fit your hips and hug your pelvic area before becoming a skirt. These waistlines are usually paired with mermaid style or flared skirts for the most dramatic look. If you are a woman who is especially proud of her curves, we suggest this daring look.


An empire waist sits very high, usually below your breasts or ribs. These waistlines are most often paired with ballgown skirts or generally larger dresses for a truly royal appearance. Because of this, empire waists are popular choices for royalty. They are quietly sophisticated and understated.


The example in the picture above could be called a princess waist with halter sleeves. A princess cut is meant to frame your natural curves and falls straight or fitted below your waist. If you want to go for a look which retains your natural shape and charm, you should choose this one. It is a classic choice for many brides every year because of its signature look.

Train Styles

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What kind of train styles are there?

A train is the lengthier part of your dress that extends out onto the ground. Trains are special because they bring a unique flare to any bridal gown. In fact, many historical and fictional princesses have worn dresses with trains. They make the ultimate statement.


A court train is only two feet in length, giving you both elegance and ease of mobility. If you are worried about your train getting caught, this is probably the best option for you. Think about how beautiful this would look in lace!


Chapel length trains surpass a yard in length. The example in the picture above is most likely a chapel length train. This train is popular because it offers a comfortable middle ground between very short and very long. It is definitely noticeable. Amp up the drama at your wedding with this look!


Cathedral trains are suited for women who want to make an impression. These are at least forty-eight inches long, which is long enough to require extra hands to help you carry it! If you want a royal procession, you should choose a cathedral length gown to get the most drama and style out of your train.


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Consider your ideal neckline

Your neckline is where your bodice meets your neck and sleeves. The shape made here will define the rest of your dress. Sleeves also play a major role, as they can completely define your neckline. This is probably the arena that you have the most styles to choose from. However, we have collected three to tell you about for your convenience.


A halter neckline is also technically a style of sleeve. It is a neckpiece and sleeve combined. The sleeves go up behind your neck where they meet, which gives you a V-shaped look that reveals your full back. If you are proud of your beautiful shoulders, we recommend this style of neckline and sleeve.


A square neckline is straight-across your chest and usually met with simple or spaghetti strap sleeves. This creates a square-shaped window of your check and collarbones. This look is a class for the modern sophisticated woman. We recommend this neckline with a sheath-style gown.


A sweetheart is aptly named, as it is heart-shaped. This neckline creates a heart shape which frames your chest and neck. This is best paired with spaghetti straps or done completely sleeveless. Many women are choosing this neckline due to it’s versatile and cute look.

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