If you are a bride-to-be seeking Walnut Creek California Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Flares Bridal can rise to the occasion. We pride ourselves on our extensive stock which is ready to fit any bride. In order to ensure that every bride who walks in can walk out with a bridal gown, we stock plus sizes from 16 to 34. We also offer custom adjustments and special orders to fulfill all of your needs. This way, you will never have to put up with a dress that isn’t special to you.

We have award-winning designer gowns in stock that could make your big day truly unique. You should not have to compromise on your desires and your vision of yourself on your wedding day. Many boutiques and designers won’t prioritize your needs and are therefore denying themselves a valued clientele such as yourself.

In this article, we want to talk to you about how we prioritize the needs of our plus size clients and the recommended fashions for your new gown.

Big and Bold Ballgowns

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A ballgown could be your perfect dress

Ballgowns are a classic look for any bride. If you want to look like a queen during your ceremony, you can never go wrong with a ballgown. This silhouette is timeless, full of drama, and looks great on any figure. However, the possibilities are endless. What kind of straps will you have, what color, what material? Do you like lace or mesh? Let’s think about some great ballgown looks.

Pink and Champagne Gowns

Not every wedding dress has to be white! If you are a lady who likes a hint of color, pink and champagne gowns are very popular among potential bridges. Alternatively, there are some designers who offer silver, gold, and black gowns. If you want to make a statement, choose a color that isn’t white. After all, repetition can get a bit old.

Sleeves and Necklines

Ballgowns are one of those types of dresses that looks great both with and without sleeves. Small straps or spaghetti straps look wonderful with a sweetheart neckline. If you prefer a higher neck, a halter or bateau neck would look fabulous. Also, an off-the-shoulder look with long or short sleeves could attribute more to that royal look. You should envision your dream dress and how it fits around your neck and arms.

Lace and Beading

Are you a bride who wants to stand out? Don’t choose a dress that is without special adornments. Lace has been very popular lately. Used with mesh or transparent materials, it creates a layered and distinct texture that many women are loving. Beading, on the other hand, can be done over thicker materials and can give you that extra sparkle you’re looking for. Either one of these accents can make your gown truly unique.

Other Recommended Fashions

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There’s more options than just ballgowns for you

Are you not partial to a ballgown? Don’t worry, they’re not nearly your only options. As a soon-to-be bride, you should explore all of your options. Here are some other recommended styles that could bring the princess inside you out on the aisle.

Mermaid Gowns

A mermaid gown, as shown in the photo above, is meant to hug your body. At the bottom, the skirt flares out on either side to mimic a mermaid tail. There are many unique styles for these dresses and they create a fun and graceful silhouette. Some of these dresses have a shorter skirt made of buoyant material and some of them are longer and more distinguished. The choice is all yours.

Sheath Dresses

A sheath will fall down straight and move with your body and the wind. If you do not want something fitted closely, this is a great choice. It can give you all the grace of a wedding gown without feeling too revealing. Sheat gowns look great with plunge necklines, v-necks, and long or relaxed sleeves. Backless is also an option!

Trumpet and Flare Skirts

Similar to mermaid gowns, these dresses are longer and wider at the bottom. This is meant to give you an unmistakable silhouette. With just a few adjustments, you could have a trumpet dress on you that accentuated all of your curves with a dramatic edge.

Plus Size Dresses at Flares Bridal

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We want you to be happy with your choice.

Your dress size should not keep you from finding your dream dress. Just like any other bride, it is important you feel absolutely grand on your wedding day. At Flares Bridal, we vow to help you find your ideal gown for the big day. We take our mission very seriously because we love to see beautiful brides in our dresses walking down the aisle.

While you are getting ready for your wedding, we want to be part of the journey. We are located in Walnut Creek, CA, within the greater Bay Area. Our clientele comes from all over. If you are not near us, we have online ordering options. Check out our website to see what your options are.

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We can supply you with your wedding gown!

It takes more time for weddings to be put together than you might think. Sometimes it may take months or even a year for specially adjusted gowns to reach you. You should schedule your fitting with us as soon as possible to stay on top of this as a newly engaged woman. You can call 925.939.3306 to get in touch with us. Alternatively, fill in our contact form online here. We are excited to hear from you and be a part of your wedding journey. Don’t put this aside. Come in for a fitting as soon as possible. Only Flares Bridal has all of the Walnut Creek California Plus Size Wedding Dresses┬áthat you need!

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