Are you struggling to find dresses in Walnut Creek California bridal stores? Well, you haven’t tried ours just yet so don’t lose hope! Remember how excited you were when you first got engaged? We want to keep that energy bubbling all the way to the honeymoon! The only way to do that though is to make sure your wedding is just as magical as that first moment. If the groom is going to be wearing that new tailored tuxedo, then your dress must be atelier. At Flare’s Bridal + Formal, you will get nothing less. All of our options are from designers known throughout the world. Many of them are award-winning and highly sought after. We represent a caliber that is high above the average. That’s because a wedding dress is no joking matter. It is a serious event and is filled with attention to detail.

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Silks, Satins… What Is The Best?

There are dozens of different types of materials and weaves that one can choose from. They all showcase unique styles and emotions that you may want to capture in your moment. This is why we want to break down the different sort of options that you can choose from just so you will know exactly what you’re working with.


This particular style is one that is used most in vintage dresses. It is usually woven in cotton or linen so it is perfect for the summertime weddings that need a more lightweight and airy fabric. The material is transparent and mercerized which gives it a soft sheen that is still durable. It’s a touch that makes the dress appear delicate though, and “home-made”, which breathes an organic element into the look.


Typically a fall and winter material, it is a heavier and richer material. Originating from the Renaissance era in France, the word brocade literally translates into “ornament” in French, which gives credence to its decadent nature. It is a jacquard woven fabric with raised designs. These designs are based on the Romanesque acanthus motifs. It is an elegant material that holds a lot of activity for the eye.


When you’re in the summertime and want the extravagance of Brocade but would prefer to do without the heft, this is the option for you. It is a far lighter weight material that uses similar weaving patterns to apply raised designs on the surface of the fabric. It is exceptionally artful and would pay homage to the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film Sabrina.

Duchesse Satin

With the luxurious tone of Satin maintained, this silk blend holds all of the full-bodied elegance you’re used to. However, it is slightly stiffer and lighter than regular silk based satin so it will drape better on your frame. This also means that it will be more resistance to wrinkling, which will be perfect for the bride that wants to dance her heart out all night. This fabric is also known as Peau de Soie.


This type of material is so versatile that it may be hard to separate from other designs. This is simply because of its such a common fabric for wedding dresses and in the past — for all high-quality clothing. It can be structured into multiple forms that are used for different times and environments. For example, Shantung is one of the closest renditions of raw silk and holds that similar rubbed smooth texture. Mikado, on the other hand, is usually blended with stronger material to give the silk a heavier stature. This result is best used for winter time weddings.

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Finding The Best Silhouette For Your Figure!

When it comes to your wedding dress, the fabric is essential but the shape is just is critical. In fact, many would argue that the fabric is irrelevant before you figure out the silhouette. We don’t worry about who argues what, we just want to provide you with all the intel you could need. For this particular section, we’ll base the options on the type of body you may have.


When you have a very small frame you will want to invest in a dress that flatters your smaller physique. Meaning, it won’t be very flattering if you wear a ball gown that swallows you in its voluptuous design. Instead, we would recommend Sheath dresses that give you an elongated torso and make you appear taller. Also, options such as the empire style will also embellish your body type. Its high waist will give a slender and airy reprieve from the tighter contours.


For people with this sort of body shape, you will be better suited choosing options such as the ball gown or the A-line. These will camoflauge your lower body and highlight the contours of your upper body in a way that is very flattering. As opposed to petite bodies, we would suggest you stay away from choices like the Sheath dress because of how it can reveal and exacerbate your insecurities.

Hourglass Shape

As the owner of perfect body shape, you can rest assured that you could wear any type of dress with confidence. Of course, there are dresses that will be able to accentuate your curves even more. For instance, dresses like the Mermaid style will bring out your contours and flow all the way down to your hips. Your entire figure will be on display in a beautiful fashion.

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