Are you in the market for Walnut Creek California Bridal Stores Near Me? At Flares Bridal, we can find you the bridal gown straight out of your imagination. We want you to find something that seems too good to be true. Our confidence comes from the number of brides we have helped before you. Therefore, we know we won’t let you down. You will walk out of our boutique a bride!

During the spring wedding planning season, many engaged couples are setting their dates for the wintertime or next spring. We’ve kept this in mind while putting this article together for you. We want all of our future brides to read through this and gain a better idea of what type of bridal gown they see themselves in. You should love it almost as much as you love your future spouse!

Getting Ready for Winter Weddings

If you are looking to start planning your wedding, we can guess that your wedding will somewhere between this winter and next spring. Weddings during these seasons tend to be the most winter wonderland, which means bold, unique gowns of only the most stunning white. You want to be brighter than the snow all around you. Now, you can never start planning a wedding too early, nor can you pick a bridal gown too soon. These gowns require special orders and adjustments to be made, which means many of them don’t make it out for months. You need to be ready for your winter wedding.

Your Style Options

The possibilities seem to be endless when looking at bridal gowns. There are varied neckline styles, silhouettes, necklines, and sleeves. You could look like Princess Diana and stun in a giant ballgown with a cathedral length train, or you could stun in a lace plunge neckline with an A-line skirt like Kate Middleton. If you are hosting a winter wedding, you will most likely want a gown with long sleeves that is more accommodating for the cold weather.

Thicker Materials

You will probably not want to choose a dress primarily made from chiffon or lace during your winter wedding. Thick and layered satins, silks, and cottons would be most suitable. Think about how you want your gown to look. Beaded or laced over? Do you want a layer of organza over your skirt for the best effect? The material of your dress will become vitally important.

White As Snow

While pink and champagne dresses are on-trend right now, you can always stun with a classic white. Against a winter wonderland backdrop, you could look like a winter fairy or the sugar plum princess. White is timeless for a reason. You will never regret this color choice.

Our Designers

At Flares Bridal, we stock many award-winning designers. If you visit our online shopping tab, you can view all of them and browse their bridal collections. For your convenience, we compiled a few here which may make suitable winter wedding gowns. All of these are known for their unique designs and innovative style.


Willowby ASA 59120

Willowby gown

This designer describes themselves as being for the woman who beats to her own drum. Their designs are unique, bohemian, and carry an essence of nature with them. We are sure that you’ve never seen a designer like them before. The company was started by Vatana Watters, who wanted wedding dresses to be more unique. Each of their signature gowns is special in its own way. You will never be disappointed with Willowby designs. Your comfort and individuality are priority with this design.

Madison James

Madison James MJ352

Madison James gown

This designer leaves the pricing to retail boutiques. They do not sell from their website, but Flares Bridal stocks their gowns! The stunning bridal collection from Madison James is rare, sophisticated, and truly well-made. We won’t disappoint with their designs. This small bridal collection is chic, romantic, and sophisticated. In the case that you decide to try on a dress from Madison James, you won’t be disappointed.

Made with Love

Made with Love - Dasha

Made with Love gown

This designer only keeps a small selection of bridal gowns which are mailed out in generic retail sizes. In order to wear these properly, we recommend you have them tailored to you. While there are only a few designs, each of them is as unique and stunning as the next. This company has only ever run online, which means you can only try on their dresses at retail suppliers such as Flares Bridal. Made with Love is headquartered out of Australia.

All About Flares Bridal

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