Are you on the west coast searching through Walnut Creek California bridal shops? First of all, congratulations on the big day! If you’re in the market for bridal gowns then you’ve come to the right place. Flare’s Bridal + Formal is an excellent choice. Our selection is extensive and quite diverse. When it comes to wedding dresses there are hundreds of years of style and material to go over so you don’t want to rush. That’s why we have taken some time to give you a little insight. A breakdown of the wedding dress, and what kind of options you have, will make it so much easier for you when you’re out searching. Many people don’t take the time to understand and go appreciate all of the different designs. There is something so beautiful about a bride and her gown reflects that, let’s make sure you’re a perfect reflection of your happiness!

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What Is The Best Silhouette For Me?

Every detail is important, but when it comes to a gown you’ll want to make sure that the look from afar is just as stunning as the one up close. The groom will be able to see your dazzling effervescence but the crowd will only be able to look upon your radiance for just a short period. They will simply see you standing upon the altar, in all of your grandness. This is why finding the perfect silhouette is so important. Your figure will be a symbol of the essence that is missed from a distance.


This particular style is one of the dreamiest you could find. It’s reminiscent of princesses and their elegant lofty manner. You will see this sort of dress on women with smaller busts because of how high the waistline is set. With the waist being as high as your ribs, it can flatter a more petite frame and give such cloud-like freedom in your movement. It is perfect for women with pear-shaped figures, and for those who want to camouflage their physique as well.


With a well-shaped bodice that hugs the figure, the trumpet differs from the Empire in that it hesitates to flare out until the hips. This measure brings the entire ensemble a very elegant demeanor. It is similar to a gown in its fluid skirt like cut and gives the wearer a lot more mobility despite the form-fitting bodice. This is a perfect look for slender body shapes.


While it many often associate the Trumpet and the Mermaid together, there are slight factors that make a world of difference. For instance, there are parallels in the tight figure hugging measurements of the bodice. It will certainly highlight your ravishing features. However, the effect of the skirt flaring out is used at the knees, unlike the trumpet which flares at the hips. This gives a pronounced form that bears the appearance of a mermaid. It is very popular in today’s fashion and works best with an hourglass figure as it will accentuate your curves.

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Let’s Talk About Fabrics

Now that you have an idea of what kind of silhouette you’re looking for, the right feel is next. You’ll want to select a material and a weave that complements and even highlights the look of the dress. By this, we mean how the lustrous shine can embellish the curves on a dress. We mean the way a heavier material may drape over you while another lighter fabric will float and appear weightless. These types of details will bring your look to another level.


Known as one of the three fundamental weaves found throughout the world. It is a beautiful and lustrous textile that is usually glossy on one side and dull or matted on the back. This type of weaving originates from China nearly 2,000 years ago. It refers to the type of yarn used and how. At the time, the main material used was silk, and thus, it would spread throughout the world as a beacon of regality and wealth.


This method of weaving originates from Persia, and the name directly translates into twisted and woven. While it is similar to satin, it is not as shiny which might be a positive note for someone who is more reserved, with understated elegance. Taffeta can come to you plain or woven, which will change the texture of the fabric resulting in softer or harder materials. It is still considered the high-quality fabric and is sought after just as silk is.


When you would imagine a wedding dress, this material in it’s purest form stands alone. It is often epitomized for its beauty and luxurious connotations. To give a little more insight, silk comes in a number of texture and types: Mikado, shantung, gazar and raw. Mikado would be best used in the fall time because heavier silks tend to hold moisture in. Lighter silks such as Shantung or Gazar will be more effective. These resemble raw silk and are best for the spring and summertime.

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The Benefits of Flare’s

If you’re searching for a particular kind of style, you will most likely have to try on a ton of dresses and search through even more. It is an exhausting experience but our employees have no problems working tirelessly with you to find the perfect wedding gown. Make sure that you set up an appointment with us in order to get the best of our services. This way, you will be connected with your own bridal consultant. They will set you aside in your own personal fitting room and bridal station. Here they will work with you one on one to give you a unique perspective meant purely for you. All of the dresses that we have on display are from some of the top award-winning designers from around the world. As great as that sounds, that’s just the sort of prestige you should expect from Flare’s!

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