Have you been searching through Walnut Creek California bridal shops near me? Chances are you haven’t gotten the opportunity to explore Flare’s Bridal + Formal considering you are still looking. With our huge selection of premium quality dresses and exceptional client service, you’re bound to find the perfect dress. We have established an enticing and revitalizing way to find dresses. One that makes you the main focus, rather than your purchase. It revolves around the bride and keeps every aspect of the experience revolving around her. By this, we mean a personal fitting room for all of your needs. That includes your bridal station and your very own bridal consultant. With a one on one session, you can select the wedding dress meant purely for you. It might take longer than that though, simply because of this incredible selection we offer. All of the pieces within our collection are from award-winning dressmakers across the world, after all.

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What Fabrics Are Best?

When it comes to selecting a dress, the proper route to take is to discern which type of material you’ll want to feel. The look is secondary to the sensations of the fabric against your skin. If it is too itchy or stiff, it can dramatically change your mood. Likewise, if the material falls unnaturally or shines too brightly for the occasion you might not appreciate your look as thoroughly. Ideally, you’ll want the textile that leaves the greatest impression both physically and visually.

Dupioni Silk

This textile offers one of the more pleasurable sensations you could find. With the use of two separate silkworms, there is a combination of textures that give a ribbed and heavy look. However, given that it is silk, the heft actually makes it more versatile. This sort of material can be used during all times of the year.


When you think of that whimsical and cloud-like fabric that seems to float off the dress, Tulle is probably what you imagine. This material is very thin and sheer, it is a net-like material that is incredibly lightweight. Tulle would be used for the tail of the dress for a voluminous Cinderella-esque ball gown.


While the actual material itself can vary, brocade is a very popular type of material for multiple reasons. First, this is due to its heavy weight, which gives it a rich texture that can be used during the wintertime to keep the bride warm and yet stylish. The other incredibly beautiful reason is the raised patterns and motifs that you’ll find embroidered into this fabric. It can be both dazzling and entrancing.

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The Silhouette Is Everything!

Once you’ve chosen your favorite fabric, blending it with your figure comes next. The silhouette of the dress is all about personality and how you feel about yourself and your body. Whether you have insecurities or want to flaunt, there are dresses that can help with either. It’s always best to follow your body and find the dresses that complement your frame, though. We’ve provided a couple of types below just to give you an idea of what your options are!


For this sort of dress, you will want to have confidence in your curves. It is an elegant style that hugs your contours intimately. The seam of the dress will follow the length of your torso and run all the way past your hips. At that point, they will flare out around the upper thigh and release a very free-flowing train. For women that have an hourglass type body, or are apple shaped, they will find balance and harmony in this dress. Your perfection will be accentuated, and if you want to camouflage your lower body, the flare out at the hips will leave much to the imagination.

A line

This type is perfect for all body types and will compliment you at any angle. It’s simply the most organic design that follows the natural flow of your body, breaks at your hips and holds your frame gently. The way that the train breaks from the bodice will give the appearance of an “A” outline. Hence the name! Regardless of your concerns, it’s one look that will surely cause you no problems.


With a dress like this, we would recommend petite women or those that want a simpler structure for their dress. This kind of dress hugs the body throughout and the simplicity in the use of fabric keeps the torso free from any seams or distractions. It will give the appearance of you being taller and with the right kind of fabric, such as Charmuese or Dupioni, it will radiate a lustrous shine which will emboss your natural curves.

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We can’t wait to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your big day. Yet, your special day should take up many days. Let us extend that moment into the dress selecting experience, too. With a one on one session, you will feel taken care of and made a priority. That’s is our intention, Flare’s aims to empower all of the brides to be. It’s our pleasure to give you an enchanting moment, one worthy of this magical period in your life. If you are interested in finding your dress now, contact us through our website or give us a call at (925)-939-3306. Otherwise feel free to visit our location at  1700 North Broadway Suite 100, in Walnut Creek, California. Flare’s Bridal is the best bridal shop near you, come see us soon! We look forward to hearing from you!


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