Are you looking for a Walnut Creek CA sexy wedding dress? If so, you no longer have to keep looking because Flares Bridal + Formal as the right dress for you. The San Francisco bay area is full of bridal boutiques, but none of them compare to Flares Bridal + Formal.

Our team of representatives understand how important your wedding day is. Many girls dream about their big day until it eventually becomes a reality. They always every small detail planned before they ever meet their significant other. The venue, the food, the style, and of course, the dress. Our team of experts will help you find the right wedding gown or dree for your big day. A perfect dress makes for a perfect wedding.

Sexy wedding dress

Open backs and deep V necklines can give you the sexy look you want.

Luckily, Flares Bridal + Formal has an expansive collection of designer wedding dresses. We are capable of providing the perfect wedding dress for any bride. Regardless of their size, taste, desired style, or venue, Flares Bridal + Formal will find any bride the perfect dress for their wedding day.

Designers such as Made with Love, Martina Liana, and Essense of Australia are brilliant designer lines of wedding dresses. That said, there are some brides who desire a sexy look on their wedding day. They want to wow their friends and family while also impressing their significant other. A sexy dress can obtain that surprise.

What Makes a Wedding Dress Sexy?

There are a handful of elements that create a sexy wedding dress look. There are also many ways you can make yourself feel sexy when your big day comes. Now, you may be hesitant to feel such an emotion when you are surrounded by your family and friends. However, you are marrying the love of your life. Impress them by making their jaw drop. Luckily, Flares Bridal + Formal offers numerous types of wedding dresses that will make you stunning. You will find the perfect dress here.

Below, you will find the list of features that can really affect how you look in a wedding dress. These features can be found throughout our collection, and we encourage you to come in and see what we have to offer.

  • Deep V-Neckline
  • Open Back
  • Low Back
  • Lingerie-Inspired Elements
    • Cutouts
    • Strategically Placed Appliques
  •  Sheer  Bodice
  • Illusion Skirt
  • High Hemline
  • Form Hugging

All of these elements play a part in creating a sexy look while in your wedding dress. Of course, you won’t find a dress with all of these features implemented. However, finding a few of these features will make you turn heads. Now, having a sexy wedding dress is not the only thing that will make you look sexy. It plays a large part, but you will need to follow these five steps to maintain the look.

Subtle Risks

The right dress is the right direction to look sexy on your wedding day. Brides looking for such a look need to take risks. Now, these risks do not have to make or break your wedding day, but they do need to push the envelop a tad. Choose a wedding dress that is sleek or form-fitting, so it shows off your curves. Make people see the unexpected with the dress you are wearing down the aisle. It will certainly make them impressed.

Comfortable wedding dress

Make sure you are comfortable in your wedding dress.

Be Comfortable

You cannot feel sexy without feeling comfortable. We mentioned you need to take a risk with your dress, but you need to feel comfortable with such a risk. It will greatly affect how you feel in your dress, and if you feel sexy or not. There is a lot of moving when you are in your dress, so you must be comfortable through and through. Dancing, mingling, and the aisle walk are all essential aspects of your day that should feel good while looking sexy.

Your Favorite Feature

Of the features listed above, you should select one of them to focus on. Not every dress will fit your needs, so you need to picky in which dress features the right part of your body. If you have a great back or stellar legs, then those are the features you should lean toward. Selecting just one of these features will give you the edge to make yourself even sexier. Show those legs or back off, and you’ll be making everyone envious.

Make Sure the Dress Fits

Along the lines of making sure your dress is comfortable, you must ensure it fits as well. Ill fitted dresses will create a sexy look into a bad wardrobe malfunction. Be sure your dress fits properly during your fitting. Flares Bridal + Formal will ensure you obtain the perfect dress when you schedule an appointment with us. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best dress possible.

Balance the Look

Walnut Creek CA Sexy Wedding Dress

Schedule an appointment at Flares Bridal + Formal to find your sexy dress.

The wedding dress is not the only aspect of your look you need to worry about. You cannot forget about hair and makeup. Be sure to balance all three of these elements to create a stunning look for the groom. Some aspects of these other areas can balance a look to make you feel better than ever. So, find the right makeup and hair combination that compliments your dress without overpowering any other areas.

Get Your Walnut Creek CA Sexy Wedding Dress Today

Flares Bridal + Formal understands how important your wedding day is. The wedding dress is one of the most significant aspects of the big day, so we want to help you find the perfect dress or gown. Our team of experts will help you find the right fitting dress that features the part of your body that you want.

Schedule an appointment today by calling (925) 939-3306. An appointment will ensure you get access to a reserved fitting room and a bridal station. You may also visit our website to see the various designers we feature. Made with Love provides an excellent collection with some dresses featuring sexy elements. Flares Bridal + Formal is excited to meet you and looks forward to finding you the perfect dress for the perfect day. Get in touch with us today so you can find a Walnut Creek CA sexy wedding dress.

Fun Facts about Walnut Creek

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