Searching for Walnut Creek CA Mermaid Wedding Dresses can lead down a rabbit hole of despair if you look in the wrong place. For example, the Internet is a great place to find wedding dress boutiques. That’s how you found Flares Bridal! But now that you’ve found us, it’s time to take your search to the real world. Otherwise, you might find yourself sifting through hundreds of low-quality bridal dressing that don’t meet your standards. Even if you find a photo you like, you’ll never be sure that mermaid dress is perfect for you until you try it on. Flares Bridal has a vast selection of wedding dresses in stock, and our private fitting rooms are the best place to find your perfect fit.

If you’re not convinced that wedding dress selection is an in-person task, keep reading this article. We’ll tell you more about the many options you have when it comes to picking a dress for your special day. Soon, you’ll see why it’s much easier—and faster—to make a great selection when you visit Flares Bridal in Walnut Creek.

Walnut Creek CA Mermaid Wedding Dress

Walnut Creek CA Mermaid Wedding Dress

We Have Walnut Creek CA Mermaid Wedding Dresses in Different Styles!

Knowing the type of silhouette you want your dress to have is a great first step. If you know for certain that you only want to be seen at your wedding in a mermaid dress, you’ve limited your search. However, that’s a good thing. The more and more you specify the type of dress you want, the easier it will be to find that perfect bridal dress. Unfortunately, your options don’t begin and end with the dress silhouette. You might have identified that you don’t want a ballgown or sheath dress, but you still have many other options to cover. At Flares Bridal, we have many different mermaid dresses. While this may widely expand your search in the beginning, we can help you narrow down the choices.


Some mermaid dresses have straps, and others do not. The popular option is the strapless mermaid dress, but that is hardly the rule. Some mermaid dresses have sleeves that fall off the shoulder, which give a classy look. Generally, the strapless options are more form-fitting, though any mermaid dress is sure to boast your frame.


One of the most supreme forms of elegance is the long-sleeve mermaid dress. However, not every wedding theme calls for full sleeves, nor does every body type command it. Alternatively, mermaid dresses have been known to have form-fitting half-sleeves, pouf quarter-sleeves, and any variation in between. These sleeves may be embroidered, flowing, or sheer. You have many options, but our bridal consultant can help.


The waistline of a mermaid dress is an often overlooked aspect, but one that carries a lot of responsibility. Without getting any of the credit, the waistline directs the shape and coordination of the entire dress. Fortunately, our consultant will take great care in helping you find a dress with a waistline that elevates the beauty of the dress, the wearer, and the occasion. Options include natural, basque, asymmetric, and many more.


Lace, silk, satin, polyester, or something different? Some brides-to-be are very particular about the fabric of their wedding dress; others don’t mind particulars so long as the dress is beautiful. Our consultant will pay attention to your particular tastes and preferences. We can pick the perfect dress fabric for you.


Wedding dresses tend to vary from the brightest white to the warmest creme. Alternatively, brides who have been previously married may prefer a different shade completely. In any case, you can find mermaid dresses in all colors. Your dress will be a perfect complement to your skin tone and wedding theme.


Sometimes, a bride-to-be knows she wants a certain type of dress. That is, until she actually tries it on. If you can’t find the perfect mermaid dress, don’t worry—Flares Bridal has many different dress silhouettes in store. You may prefer the pomp of a ballgown, or the understated splendor of the A-line. We’ll find a dress that matches your beauty and body type.

Bay Area Designer Wedding Dress Boutique

Bay Area Designer Wedding Dress Boutique

How We Can Help

Flares Bridal is here to make wedding dress shopping easier for everyone. You’ll have a chance to try on the dresses you like, and get an idea of how it might feel to walk down the aisle. Your family and friends will be able to provide better advice when they can see the dress in person, and see you in it. Our private dressing and viewing rooms are the ideal place to try on the dress that marks a big change in your life. You and the people most important to you (aside from your partner, of course) will have space all to yourselves to make this life-changing decision.

Our bridal consultant is on standby to help you in any way needed. In addition to finding the dresses in our inventory that you want to try on, the consultant can offer personalized suggestions. Let us know more about your wedding. When and where will it take place? The venue and season can help determine the best fabric or sleeve length for the occasion. We’ll also offer tailored suggestions based on your proudest qualities. Show off your toned biceps with a strapless dress, or accentuate your curves with a basque waistline. Your loved ones can tell you how you look in a dress, but our consultant can tell you how a particular dress will make you look. This cuts down on the time you spend trying on dresses that don’t match your vision.

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