When you’re looking for San Francisco Made with Love Bridal Dresses, then look no further than Flares Bridal + Formal. Made with Love is a premier designer that makes top quality wedding dresses for every kind of bride. Your big day has to be perfect, and what better way to get started than with the perfect dress? At Flares Bridal + Formal, we’ll find you the dress that works best for you. Made with Love makes a large variety of bridal dresses of the highest quality.

Dress shopping can be stressful for a normal dress. Finding the right Made with Love bridal dress for you can be even more stressing. Don’t let the search get to you and let us help! Our expert consultants are more than capable of finding you a Made with Love dress you’ll love even after your special day. So call (925) 939-3306 today and let’s take the first step to find you a Made with Love designer bridal dress.

Why Flares Bridal + Formal For San Francisco Made With Love Bridal Dresses?

Excellent question! Featuring San Francisco’s largest selection of bridal dresses, Flares Bridal + Formal have a reputation for ensuring our customers are satisfied with their purchases. We work closely with our guests to find them the perfect dress for their perfect day, and we go above and beyond to make that happen. With so many dresses and brands to choose from, deciding on the right one can distract you from all of the other wedding planning you have to do. That’s why our expert consultants and stylists take some of that stress away by offering quality advice on every aspect of the dress selection. When you make an appointment, we’ll reserve you a private fitting room and bridal station so you can focus on finding your wedding dress.

In addition to bridal dresses, Flares Bridal + Formal also offer prom and other formal wear, so our selection covers all your needs. It’s never too early to shop for a new dress! We’re always available for consultation and advice on all your fashion inquiries.

San Francisco Made with Love Bridal Dresses

Made with Love Bridal Dresses

Made With Love Designs

Sailing the sea of designer dresses can be overwhelming. Flares Bridal + Formal help navigate those waters by providing you with the top choices from all over the world. Starting with one of the best designers in the entire industry: Made with Love. Our selection of Made with Love wedding dresses features some of their top quality products.


Harlie by Made with Love sparkles with an ancient beauty with a modern design to create a masterpiece of fashion. Made with Love imports our exotic lace from Israel and hand beads it to give you the appropriate amount of spark.

San Francisco Made with Love Bridal Dresses

The Riley


A truly magical dress, Riley’s deep neckline, and luxurious face make it a thing of dreams. Wearing this wedding dress makes you feel like a goddess, as it embodies beauty and culture to make your magic shine.


With effortless beauty and style, Sofia features a low V neckline supported by wide straps in order to frame the face perfectly. It has a thin satin belt and high-quality chiffon skirt for maximum comfort and ease of movement. It embodies a sense of innocence and purity, making you look and feel like a princess.

San Francisco Made with Love Bridal Dresses

The Frankie


One thing that every bride has probably thought at some point is “I wish I had pockets.” Enter the Frankie by Made with Love. This fit-and-flare dress with a V-neckline makes a modern upgrade to a traditional bridal dress style. Its illusion fabric is appliqued over by a beautiful floral lace.

Far Too Many Choices!

Naming and detailing all of our Made with Love designer dresses in such a short space wouldn’t do them justice. As much as we want to talk about the Carrie, Georgie, Willow, and other dresses, each could take up its own catalog. But don’t worry! All of our available Made with Love dresses can be found here. Not looking for Made with Love? That’s no problem either. Flares Bridal + Formal bring dresses to San Francisco from amazing designers all over the world, and they’re all right here!

Formal Wear For Every Occasion

Even if you don’t have a wedding coming up or you’re attending one, we have something for you too. Our prom and formal selection are of the same quality as our bridal dresses, all it takes is a little soul searching in our bridal shop.

Our experts travel to fashion shows all over the world to stay updated on the latest formal wear such as prom dresses and ball gowns. They then bring them back with them to San Francisco for you to view and try on. Our prom dresses come from some of the world’s most renowned designers such as Primavera, Jovani, Scala, Sheri Hill, and many more. These dresses come in sleek fitting, lace backless, simple elegant, flowy chiffon, or glamorous ball gowns. Whatever your prom calls for, you can be sure Flares Bridal + Formal have just the prom dress for you.

There are other instances where the perfect dress can make all the difference. Formal parties, balls, or just a themed social event between friends, we recommend you bring your A-game with a dress that stands out. Our formal dresses fit any shape, personality, or budget, so you can get the dress that’s right for you.

At Flares Bridal + Formal, We Care About How You Look

We operate with the idea that the secret to great customer service is a strong relationship with our customers. To achieve that, we establish mutual trust and respect with you so you know that we value your business. The moment you make your appointment, we work tirelessly to ensure your experience is one you’ll never forget up until you say “Yes to the dress”.

Contact Us Today!

Dress shopping for Made with Love, or any kind of dress, can be scary. Let Flares Bridal + Formal make shopping more fun and enjoyable experience for you. We’ll go above and beyond to find you the dress of your dreams and make your big day the best it can be. For additional information, call (925) 939-3306. Want to book an appointment? You can do that here! Come in now and find San Francisco Made with Love Bridal Dresses today.

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