Is it time for you to visit some Bridal Stores Near Me San Francisco CA? Your wedding is the next most important event of your life. Therefore, it is incredibly important to plan and choose a bridal gown in advance. You want something that is perfect instead of rushed. Remember, whatever you choose will be immortalized in your wedding photos forever, so don’t choose lightly! You want to remember your wedding gown fondly for as long as possible.

At Flares Bridal, we can turn you into a true San Francisco bride. We have everything you will need to get started on your bridal gown journey. When you make an appointment with us, you can schedule a private fitting during which you will receive one-on-one attention for your needs. The service at our charming boutique will not disappoint.

In this article, we want to tell you a little about some of our designers and how we can help you find the perfect gown at Flares Bridal.

Our Designers

At Flares Bridal, we stock the best-of-the-best designers and bridal collections. Each of them has a unique spin and style which makes them distinguishable from one another. Due to who we stock, we know you will not walk out disappointed. Our designers have won awards and some have been operating for decades! Even more, some of them have made bridal history. While this is not nearly an extensive list, here are some of our wonderful designers who deserve a spotlight.

Essence of Australia

Essense of Australia D2453

Essence of Australia gown

This designer was influenced by the fashions of Europe and New York. They take great pride in their unique designs which are made with luxury fabrics and unique beading. If you are a plus-sized bride, this designer creates many designs for all sizes that are absolutely exquisite and will leave you wanting for nothing. Their dresses are inspired by the beauty and romance of the Australian wilderness.

Martina Liana

Martina Liana 1012

Martina Liana gown

This line of bridal gowns is headed by Martine Harris, who is determined to create glamorous gowns for the confident woman. They want each of their brides to feel positively magical. This label is the perfect way to make a statement with a couture dress. When you are trying on a Martina Liana, you will notice undoubtedly the quality and couture. After feeling one on yourself, you will want to try on more.


Pronovia DRACMA

Pronovias gown

This designer started their ascent from Barcelona in the late 20th century. It was within this company that the practice of selling off-the-rack wedding gowns began. This made bridal gowns available to women of all classes and was revolutionary during the time. In the 1970s, they spread out internationally, beginning in the Netherlands and next onto America and Asia. Pronovias is the lead bridal distribution network in the world.

Dress Silhouettes

When it comes to dress shapes and silhouettes, your possibilities are wide open. After all, this is fashion. You will want to envision the gown you want before walking into our boutique. In order to get you started, we’ve suggested some of the most popular skirt styles and silhouettes so that you can picture the fantasy gown in your head.


A ball gown is a large dress that falls out and down from the waist. They are usually floor-length and do well accompanied by large trains. If you are a woman who has always pictured yourself a queen or princess, one of these dresses would fulfill that feeling.


This style of gown has a dropped bodice which fits your body closely and then the bottom flares out dramatically. This gives it the appearance of a mermaid tail, hence the name. These gowns are currently on-trend due to their trademark silhouette. This look will grant you the grace of an underwater creature.


An A-line would be considered another classic. This skirt gradually gets wider as it falls to your feet, creating the shape of a capital letter A. These are usually easy to move in and very versatile in terms of fashion. You can use almost any fabric to achieve this look. At Flares, we recommend a sweetheart neckline or a plunge to give it some drama. After all, the bride must stand out.

Special Options

At Flares Bridal, we stock up to size 34 to ensure we can have a fitting session with any customer. We can also perform certain adjustments to fit the dress to your needs. All of our dresses are special in their own way, and we want to find the one that matches your spirit. It is important that you feel nothing short of radiant on your big day.

Once you get into contact with us, we can schedule a fitting and begin helping you try on our dresses. After you have picked out your favorite, we can help you get it fitted and ready for your wedding. It is never too early to choose your wedding gown. Make sure you are being honest about everything you need so that you can be completely satisfied with your choices.

Contact Us

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At Flares Bridal, we want to help you achieve a Californian wedding worthy of Hollywood. Call us at 925.939.3306 to speak with one of our helpful assistants. If you would like to fill out a contact form, visit this link. We want to help you find the gown of your dreams. As a bride, you should never have to settle for less. You deserve to have a wide range of designer options which makes you feel like a princess. Don’t wait to get started on your own gown selection. Flares Bridal is your best Bridal Stores Near Me San Francisco CA.

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