Are you looking for Bridal Gowns Walnut Creek Ca? Come on into Flares Bridal. We have hand-picked a selection of bridal gowns worthy of a goddess. Before you come in, however, we want to tell you about the great gowns we carry and what makes our boutique special. As a bride, you should be very selective about what you wear at your wedding. The dress you choose will be featured in all of your wedding photos for years after. Once the big day is through, your dress will be something you could pass onto your daughters or friends, or keep as a memento. Either way, you never want to grow tired of looking at it, and that’s why it has to be perfect.

After your engagement has been made official, your wedding planning will begin. There is so much to think about! You have friends and family to invite, flowers and decor to choose, venues to schedule with, and of course, wedding attire to select. Your future spouse will also have to go on the hunt for the perfect outfit and your bridesmaids will need gowns. Let’s talk about how Flares Bridal can help you on your bridal journey.

Our Designers

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We’ve already selected great designers for you

We want to introduce you to the designers we carry so that you have a better idea about what you’re looking for. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Allure Bridals

This bridal manufacturer started in 1998 and has since won awards for their beautiful gowns. They believe that you should feel your best on your wedding day and know that all eyes are on you. We have three of their collections in our boutique: Allura Bridal, Allure Couture, and Allure Romance.

Made with Love

This online retailer creates dresses to generic sizes and ships them out so you can have it tailored to your size. They have a small collection of original and beautiful bridal gowns that you can select from.


Watters has been designing for almost 40 years and has experienced a lot of success since its launch. They are situated in Dallas, Texas, but ship dresses all over the world for the enjoyment of brides worldwide.

This is only a few of the many designers we stock in our retail store. You can view an extensive list of our designers here. After you select one, you will be taken to see their collections that we carry and you may view all of the dresses included.

Why Are Bridal Gowns Important?

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Think about everything you want in a gown.

Why aren’t they? Your wedding is a monumental life event. It is the beginning of your marriage vows which will hopefully last the rest of your life. When you walk down the aisle, you want your future spouse to be astounded and feel excited to be marrying you. While this feeling shouldn’t come from a dress alone, the dress can magnify it!

It’s not just the opinion of your spouse that matters. You will have friends and family there as well who may have been waiting to witness this moment all their lives. Show them the wedding you have all dreamed about.

Last but not least, you want to feel good about yourself. You should love your dress more than anyone else does. After, you are the one wearing it, and you want something that you never regret choosing.

California Weddings

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Your California wedding is going to be stunning!

California is a magical place. It is known around the world as the place where everything grandiose and dramatic happens. After all, we have Hollywood, Disneyland, and the Golden Gate Bridge to boast of. There’s something about California that you can’t replicate no matter where you go.

If you are a California resident, Flares Bridal wants to give you the full California essence in your gown. Big, bold, and beautiful! Or, you can have demure, graceful, and lovely. Whatever you want from your wedding gown, we have it.

Flares Bridal proudly services Walnut Creek, San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area of California. If you are living or visiting nearby, stop by our boutique and take a look at our dresses. We would love to get you fitted in one of our award-winning bridal gowns.

About Flares Bridal

Flares Bridal began working out of the San Francisco Bay area with the intent to help local women prepare for their wedding. We bring the best designer dresses to our local boutique so that you can enjoy the full bridal experience. During your appointment with us, we will assist you in seeking out the gown of your dreams and helping you try it on so you can see your dreams come to life. When you come to us, we promise to give you the best customer service paired with kindness and imagination.

In order to make your experience great, we offer to ship all over the United States. We do not accept returns at this time. When you purchase from us, you should make sure that you are completely certain and that the dress is in perfect order before taking it home. We also supply bridesmaids gowns and dresses for formal events such as prom. This way, we can supply dresses to women who aren’t getting married as well!

Contact Us

We can supply you with your wedding gown!

Once you are ready to get started on your hunt for the perfect gown, you can contact Flares Bridal at (925) 939-3306. One of our qualified assistants will be excited to help you. You can also fill out a contact form at this link. Here, you can describe to us what you are looking for and what your limitations are. We will get back to you as soon as possible so we can fulfill your needs!

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