Our San Francisco Bay area wedding gowns are elegant and add “flare” to your wedding ceremony! Some people dream of their wedding day and want to look their absolute best when stepping onto the altar. Flares Bridal + Formal has multiple styles unique to each bride who is ready to turn the next page in their life. We’re excited to serve all customers in the Bay Area. We have unique and extensive wedding dresses created by our award-winning desires.

Flares Bridal + Formal

When it comes to your San Francisco wedding gowns, you want to feel special, distinctive, and comfortable enough to walk to the altar in front of your various guests. After all, your parents, friends, other relatives, and exceptional people will be there to witness your lovely occasion. Our selection will allow you to fit into the perfect dream dress! Plus, you’ll always be able to remember an unforgettable moment and look stunning when you reminisce about your special day!

Flares Bridal + Formal ensure you get the assistance you need. There are so many to worry about when it comes to your wedding day. Scheduling, planners, activities, invitations, etc. are all on your to-do list. When you go to check off your bridal dress, we make sure you will experience a transformation worthy of matrimony. Our award-winning designers are handpicked and don’t falter when it comes to your big day. Let’s get to know more about some of them!

Our Wedding Gowns Are Made with Love

One of our award-winning designers is Made With Love. Made With Love is an online wedding boutique store that sells affordable wedding dresses and bridal products. Our designer has generic sizes as well as delivers them worldwide. Sadie, for instance, has a beautiful French double-lined crepe with a deep plunging neckline. Your San Francisco formal dress will be able to modernize with culture while maintaining the traditional appeal of the dress. Our options are genuinely classic and contemporary.

Bridal gowns are an essential part of our customer service. You’ll be able to find the perfect fit as well as the perfect dress at our bridal shop. A bridal boutique is an optimal part of your life if you’re looking to get married. Flares Bridal + Formal Gowns do our best to make sure you’re looking your best for your special day. Therefore, when it comes to designer wedding gowns, you’ll be able to walk to your perfect wedding. Compared to other bridal salons, we are the optimal choice for your attire.

Another feature of Made With Love is that they professionally clean your wedding dress and veil themselves. That’s right! Your dress will have the complete care it deserves. Our dry cleaning has prices as low as two-hundred dollars, which is marginally cheaper than other dry cleaning stores. Also, we can return most of your dresses back to their original state. This is important for people who want to preserve their wedding dress for their children or preserve it as memories.

Bay Area Wedding Gowns of Stella York

Another designer you may have heard of is Stella York. Bridal gowns designed by this stunning designer reimagine what a bride should look like. Stella York is from the creative mind of Essense of Australia, Martin Liana, and Sorella Vita. With the artistry of Stella York style, brides around the world have embraced their inner beauty. You’ll be able to walk in sophistication and glamor when you adapt this design into your repertoire of style. Consult with us to add to your appeal.

Bridal Gown Dresses

A bride has to think about every little aspect when walking down the aisle. For instance, dresses have to be long enough to cover your legs, but short enough not to trip on. Therefore, the length usually has to touch the ground to fit both criteria barely. Weddings have been a tradition for centuries. It is a continuous trend that continues to evolve in style, luxury, elegance, and class. When it comes to these attributes, Stella York’s designs possess all of them.

When you choose our Flares Bridal + Formal as your bridal shop, our team will go the extra mile to make sure you have the wedding dress ideal for your matrimony. Additionally, when it comes to veils, we find the ones that perfectly match the contour of your dress design. Your wedding theme is also important. We have styles matching all aspects of your big day, whether you are decked in organza or graced in lace. Our shop is the one-stop to make your groom’s heart stop!

Flares Bridal + Formal

Other designers we have are Allure Bridal, Allure Couture, Chic Nostalgia, Allure Romance, Marisa, and many others! Therefore, when you choose Flares Bridal + Formal as your premier bridal shop, you know you are getting top-quality dressmaker designs. We are You can see the tailor’s vision in every pattern and stitch of the design. We carry a vast selection of trends and would like nothing more than to share them with you! Contact us if you are in the Bay area!

Union Square Bridal Gown Dresses

We have a newly renovated store that is 3500 square feet. Your fittings are essential, and we provide it along with other features fit for your occasion. Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday. You can find us at 1700 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA. We are more than welcome to book an appointment with you to ensure you have the best experience a bride deserves! You can also call us at (925) 939-3306 to consult with our experienced team about your bridal requests.

Appearance is vital when it comes to your wedding. Our award-winning designers are top-of-the-line and don’t disappoint in delivery. Your magical moment might be a stressful road but end with a strong, beautiful finish. Let us show you how rewarding your experience can truly be. Flares Bridal + Formal is here to assist you when you need that friend to give you fitting advice or provide you with options. Make us your sole go-to for San Francisco Bay Wedding Gowns and formal dresses!

San Francisco CA Fun Facts

  • Yerba Buena was the original name of San Francisco.
  • San Francisco has more than fifty film festivals each year!
  • We have the second-largest Chinatown residing outside of Asia.
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