Is it time for you to be looking for Bay Area Plus Sized Wedding Dresses? Flares Bridal has all the award-winning gowns that you need to choose from. After you walk into our boutique, we plan to change your life. When you are a woman who falls under the category of plus-size, finding clothes that fit you can be incredibly difficult, especially in terms of wedding gowns. After all, how are you supposed to try on a size 3 when you are a size 10? How can you know what you want from a bridal gown if you can’t see yourself in one?

The clothing industry has quickly become harder for plus-sized women to navigate. Designer retailers may not even stock your sizes and if they do, their options are limited. When it comes to your wedding day, despite the limitations, you should be able to find your perfect dress. Flares Bridal wants to help you find something in which you can feel beautiful and proud.

In this article, we’re going to describe some recommended fashions for plus-size women in terms of bridal gowns.

Neckline Styles

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Your neckline will be important

There are few neckline styles that women of more size love to choose from. For your convenience, we suggested the best of the best here. We want you to be able to imagine the full color and radiance of your dream gown.


The sweetheart fits its name very well. It creates a heart shape over your chest, as seen in the photo above, and looks great without straps or even with. The bodice is fitted more closely to your curve so that you feel beautiful.

Bateau or Boatneck

A bateau has a higher neckline that usually sits just below the collarbone, sweeping across the chest with high straps on each side. Women who go for a more dignified look often choose this neckline. It’s very sophisticated without being too modest and gives your arms and shoulders the opportunity to stand out.


Two sleeves that meet at the back of the neck and create a v-neck shape characterize a halter. Almost always this is a backless look that allows you to show off your back and shoulders without overly revealing your chest. There’s something about it that a lot of women adore due to its original and cute look.

Skirt Silhouettes

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How should your skirt be shaped?

Your skirt’s silhouette creates the overall appearance of your dress. You might want big, bold and graceful, or demure. Therefore, with your silhouette, you need to be selective so that you can create the most pleasing shapeRemember, your pictures of your wedding will forever immortalize this gown.


For the woman who wants to look like a queen, a ballgown should be the first choice. You’ll wow the crowd with this bold choice when you step out into the aisle. Ballgowns are big, full skirts falling out of your waistline. Combine these for your ideal look with any neckline or sleeve style.


A sheath is meant to fall straight down and, without being tight, lay naturally against your body. Also, they are ideal for achieving a wind-swept look. With long or relaxed sleeves and plunge or V-shaped necklines, sheath gowns are highly recommended. We suggest this look for your big day if you want something that feels light and airy.

Trumpet or Flare

Do you want a touch of drama and attitude while feeling graceful? To give you a dramatic silhouette, trumpet dresses are more shape-fitting on your body, but flare out on your legs and feet. Because of its signature appearance and versatility, this is a popular choice for many women. This is one of the looks anyone can pull off.

Gowns for Plus-Sized Women

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How are you going to select your ideal gown?

Flares Bridal is more than happy to accommodate your sizing needs. We stock plus size dresses from size 16 to size 34. This way, even you will be able to achieve your fairytale wedding. We believe that every bride should have the opportunity to experience a proper fitting and bridal boutique experience. Every dress we have is available for special order so that you can specify size, color, and adjustments.

When you come into Flares Bridal, we will bring you in for a private fitting. Each dress we suggest will be specifically suited for your desires and taste. Our assistants will be more than pleased to help you find something that fits your body and your budget. As long as you can walk out with your ideal gown, we can succeed.

You deserve love and beauty in your life, like everyone else, and it’s important to have the perfect wedding gown. You are not supposed to have to compromise. In the end, your wedding is about you and your spouse, but if you’re not feeling good about yourself, you may not enjoy the experience as much as you can.

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Weddings take more time to prepare for than you may think. Sometimes, specially adjusted gowns can take months or even a year to get to you. In order to stay on top of this as a newly engaged woman, you should schedule your fitting with us as soon as possible. To get in contact with us, you can call (925) 939-3306. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form here. There, you can describe your needs and desires to us before you even arrive at our location. Our specialists will take into account your size, preferences for style, and height in order to get you in the right dress. Only Flares Bridal has all of the Bay Area Plus Sized Wedding Dresses that you need!

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