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After getting engaged, your first thought was probably along the lines, “I need to find a dress!” Although a wedding is all about you, your dress will be of prime importance to help express your emotions during the wedding procession. You ought to be proud that you’ll be looking as beautiful. You’ll feel the loveliest that you’ve ever felt. Think of the photos for the marriage!

For many brides and formal robes, a Mermaid cut is currently a favorite. It’s special because it looks like you have the tail of a fish. Just like one of those fabled mermaids might. This, however, is just one of many different bridal styles that you should take into account. We would like to show you some silhouette styles, waistlines, and braces, too. All of these options can help you describe your perfect dress better. After reading this article you’ll have a great start in understanding the art of a wedding dress. When you’re ready to shop, we’ll be right here in our boutique, we can’t wait to see you!

Silhouette Styles

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A mermaid gown

The shape your dress makes is the silhouette of your gown. If you’re looking for a gown in the style of a mermaid, that is a term to describe the “silhouette”. For your dress shape, there are many possible choices. Many women will either have elegant fits or something dramatic that they can look back on and relish in their magical night.


A dress in the mermaid-style fits your shape with a very close seam that will flare at lower than normal. The flare usually consists of lightweight material like tule for a fun and textured look, that or organza. Because the shape of the mermaid tail should be the foundation for this look, the shape of the bodice is usually low cut at the knees. Due to this, it gives the illusion that you are a lovely mermaid like Ariel.


Usually, a silhouette of a sheath dress is undefined, so it falls down straight with relatively no large shift in style. For this dress most advantageous are the Empire waistline and plunge necklines. However, this dress style is very polyvalent. The textile of the clothing falls down effortlessly, making it feel breezy and free. It’s ideal for a windswept appearance on a fall afternoon.


For our most royal clients, ballgowns are a must. They hold a certain style of elegance. The Ballgown dress is big, bold, and lovely. These will come with the biggest skirts that flare out widely. It accentuates your hips to make them arch like an umbrella. You might look like your dreams ‘ fairytale princess!


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How would you like your waistline?

The shape of the contour around your waist defines your style. It could be very high or low, fit or lose, or at all tied or absent. It can even emboss a certain physique or camouflage another. You want to decide the type of waistline you want in a way that harmonizes with the rest of the dress. Although we could not describe all of them, we can look at some popular styles that could suit a mermaid gown.


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Think about the strap style you would prefer

Straps are an option for bridal dresses because many are made to fit tightly around your shoulders. They are great because they can define the shape of your neckline and the size of your chest, too. You’re going to want to think about what kind of straps you want. Here are some sorts, but the opportunities are almost endless. You can consider them.


Sleeveless Straps can be very appealing. Going sleeveless shows confidence and stylish fashion. You can’t wrong with this option and any bride would look fabulous in this style of dress.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeve is also a choice to consider. The long sleeve is classic and endless in style. Every dress is special in its own way but a long sleeve dress radiates elegance. Our boutique is ready to provide you the best customer service that will expedite your decision on all of these options.

Our Promise To You

There are many intricacies when planning a wedding. From the venue, to what food will be served. Weddings can become very stressful affairs. Our promise to you is to make everything a bit easier by providing you the best possible customer service with affordable prices.

Your big day should be yours to truly enjoy. We will work with all your needs and assure you the highest possible customer satisfaction. Getting the right dress is extremely important, and you should have the best boutique to fit your needs. The Flares boutique is your best option when it comes to deciding on what you want to wear on your special occasion.

We can’t emphasize how much we value your business. Our priority is making brides all over the area as happy as possible. For the wedding day, everyone has to look at their absolute best, and we are here to assure that nothing gets in the way of that. Planning a wedding takes lots of effort and time, having the right help can make the difference between a good wedding and a great one.

Bay Area Mermaid Wedding Dresses

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