If you want to find the perfect Bay Area Lace Wedding Dress, you should visit Flares Bridal. We’re more than a wedding dress boutique; our staff can personally help you find the perfect dress for your wedding. This will surely be one of the most special days of your life, and your dress should reflect that exact sentiment. With the assistance of a consultant, you can be sure to find the dress that will complement you and your lucky loved one. Flares extensive inventory of designer fashions reflects both current trends and classic styles. We’re sure to have the perfect dress for you, and you’ll marvel at the memories for decades to come.

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How To Choose Your Bay Area Lace Wedding Dress

The Bay Area is rife with wedding dress boutiques, and your options are practically endless when it comes to styles, lengths, and fabrics. That being said, what began as a fun and exciting quest can quickly become daunting and overwhelming. We recommend making a visit or setting an appoint for a consultation at Flares Bridal to help manage your wedding dress search.

The selection of wedding dresses available to you at Flares Bridal is comprehensive, yet confined. We display and hold a wide variety of dresses for women of all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, each dress was crafted and created with care and attention to detail. Each dress meets an exceptional standard of beauty and quality, no matter the designer. We have the largest wedding dress selection in the Bay Area, yet refine our inventory to only the finest dresses available. When you peruse Flares Bridal, you’re selecting from the best of the best. While you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from, you won’t waste time considering less-than-ideal wedding dress options.


When you reserve an appointment for dress fitting at Flares Bridal, you’ll receive one-on-one support from our bridal consultant. Trying on your dress before you make a final decision is not only tradition; it’s a necessity. However, a professional opinion is an added bonus. Being well-versed in our inventory, wedding dress styles, and alterations, our consultants can help you limit your search to only the dresses that would look best on you or truly match your ideal style. We provide a private fitting room and viewing area, so you can try on each dress without distraction or onlookers. Get comfortable, move around, pose for pictures; envision yourself in the dress. Rather than randomly trying on an assortment of mismatched options, you and the consultant can discuss your likes and dislikes, and make progress towards choosing the perfect dress.

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Dress Styles

No matter where you search for your bridal dress, you should have access to many different dress styles. Dresses can vary in length, fabric, precise color, skirt, sleeve, waistline, and much more. Even if you prefer a certain type of dress, such as lace, it can benefit you to consider other options. Of course, as mentioned before, you don’t want the search to become overly taxing. Our bridal consultant will consider not only your style suggestions but also the reason that you have them. We may find that your particular needs are actually better served with another type of dress, or your goals can be achieved through a variety of means. For example, an indoor wedding doesn’t necessarily necessitate a long-sleeve dress, especially if you can’t find one you genuinely like. Instead, we might recommend warmer fabrics or bridal shawls.


When brides-to-be contemplate various wedding dress styles, the silhouette is usually what they refer to. In fact, even people with little knowledge of wedding dresses can identify a few of the signature silhouettes, such as mermaid, sheath, and ballgown. Each silhouette affords its own unique type of elegance to the occasion, and the dress you choose should reflect your style.


The waistline of a bridal dress can transform insecurities into sources of confidence. You want to feel beautiful in your wedding dress, and the waistline can have a large impact on how you view yourself, and the dress. Fortunately, dress waistlines are as varied as silhouettes. At Flares Bridal, you’ll find dresses that discretely hide or emphasize your hips, waist, and midriff. Speak with our bridal consultant about how you want to look in your bridal dress. What features do you admire the most? Which are you most embarrassed by? We can make unique suggestions that can change the way you feel about your body, and reveal qualities your partner has appreciated from the very start.

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Straps and Sleeves

Like the waistline, arms and shoulder are a huge point of contention, even if only internally. Should you bare your shoulders? Would you rather hide your “flab”? You and your dress should complement each other. Bridal dresses are designed with a surprising variety of strap widths and sleeve lengths. You’ll look amazing no matter which style you choose, but you should select the option that makes you feel most confident.

Fabric and Pattern

You’re most likely interested in lace dresses, and that’s usually a wise decision. However, that’s not the only option you have available to you at Flares Bridal. Lace is lightweight and looks amazing in practically any style. Lace can be embroidered, knitted, and much more. Furthermore, lace is a traditional option that has and always will stand the test of time. We have many laces dresses to choose from, but you can also try on satin, silk, and even mixed fabrics at Flares Bridal.


You may want a white dress, more of a cream color, or something else entirely. Brides have many different reasons for choosing their dress color, from skin tone to family tradition to personal style. We’ll help you find just the wedding dress you have in mind.

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