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Ensuring that your dress is the most comfortable and beautiful possible is a complex matter. However, it is easy to say where it starts. Selecting your fabric is going to be one of the most, if not the most, important factor in your dress. You’ll have to take into account a multitude of details. For example, what time of the year will your wedding be hosted? If it is in the winter time, then we recommend a thicker and heavier material to use such as Mikado or Brocade. As for the summertime, the best choices fall under Damask and Georgette fabrics. There are plenty of choices based on the needs of the wedding. If you know that you are a dancer, then we would advocate using a Duchesse satin. The wrinkle-resistant material is perfect for your dancing shoes.


When it comes to selecting the actual dress, the requirements will get continuously more and more personal. However, a good rule of thumb for this particular subject is to base the choice on your body figure. Whichever cut of the dress fits your frame better, is probably the one for you. For example, dresses such as the mermaid are for those strictly with hourglass figures due to how restricting and defining it can be. Alternatively, dresses with the empire style will be quite the opposite. Their cloud-like and weightless aesthetic will camouflage pear-shaped figures and flatter petite women. Options such as the A-line are probably going to be safe for all women because of how elegant and modest the shape is. Just as it is the case for fabrics, there are dozens to choose from. Our San Francisco bridal store consultant will help you decide though, they will fill you in on all of the choices.

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After you have chosen your silhouette, it is really based on preference. There are plenty of choices but they are really connected to the dress and the mood that you want to inspire. If you are looking to strike an elegant and sophisticated tone then you might be happy with a high neck cut. This sort of look is very regal. It gives off such a reserved and queen like style. Otherwise, you may want to feel free and liberated. For this case, we would recommend a neckless or spaghetti strap. These are very lighthearted and colorful. Options such as lace necklines will bridge the gap between high-necks and neckless options. They carry a beautiful motif pattern with semi-transparent fabric that embosses your collarbones like a neckless will but still remains modest and mature.


Determining what looks best on you requires a full study of your body. Whether you have a larger bust or thicker hips, it all matters. For petite women and those that are plus size, you’ll want to find the waistline that either flatters your figure or camouflages your insecurities. That is why we offer options like the empire waistline that is actually well above your natural waist. It can highlight the smaller bust in women, and keep them looking slender and free-flowing. Other options like a dropped waist will do well to embossing a curvy figure. It can be better for those that are on the large side. Of course, there are plenty more to choose from, but we wanted to showcase the spectrum of options.


This sort of addition can really be the coup de gras which will bring out the best of your dress. It has been a hotly debated option as far back as the history of dresses goes. The question of sleeves or no sleeves is really, truly, all up to you. For those that have really well-toned arms, you may want to show them off. It can be a great summer look that goes nicely with a strapless neckline. Yet, even if you have a neckless dress, you can still have sleeves that add a level of sophistication which is unparalleled. However, some looks will demand that you go sleeveless. This can be seen with a halter neckline, as the focus is on thick cuts of fabric on either side of the neck and extends down to under the bust. It would simply be off-balanced, and that’s why it’s so important to keep track of the entire ensemble.

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Selecting a wedding dress is an intense but wonderful experience. That’s why Flare’s Bridal + Formal is so happy to help be a part of that magical moment. If we can make your process of finding the perfect wedding dress easier, we have succeeded. After all, a bride’s dress is a testament to the beauty and love that you and your partner share with one another. It’s also a great way to show off your personality and physique. We find so much pleasure in helping you design every facet from the fabric to the sleeves. For your big day, we’re the best San Francisco wedding dress shop the Bay Area has to offer! If you are interested in finding your dress now, contact us through our website or give us a call at (925) 939-3306. Otherwise feel free to visit our location at  1700 North Broadway Suite 100, in Walnut Creek, California. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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