Are you on the lookout for the best wedding dresses that our bay area bridal shops can offer? There are so many details to keep track of that you might not be in the best mood to find your dress. However, we want you to know that it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Flare’s Bridal + Formal has an excellent history of providing the best services for brides. We can help you find the perfect wedding dress. Our program that is tailored to you just as much as the dress is. We will explain more at the end, but for now, we want to dive into the details of the dress. Flare’s wants to give every new bride to be all the information that they could need for their wedding. It’s your special day, after all, we want to make sure you’ll be comfortable and ready to savor it!

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Fabric Is Our Fascination

When it comes to the perfect dress, you have to imagine how it’s going to feel just as much as how it’s going to look. A beautiful dress that feels itchy or stiff may not be the best option. Alternatively, even a dress that simply doesn’t have the right breathability for the time of year may be uncomfortable. Simply put, Flare’s wants you to be in your best state throughout the wedding. That’s why we want to breakdown some of the options with you, just to give you a better idea of how to choose the accessories for your dress.


This option is a popular choice and is known for its form-fitting appeal. It is a semi-lustrous and very delicate, hence it’s an expensive cost. Yet the textile carries a satin-like feel, so you will find that the glossy sheen it carries is as illustrious as it gets.


To explain it simply, this material is a simple, semi-sheer, grainy cloth. However, it is still strong and tear-proof. This fabric is easily colored and is one of the most popular printing materials. Slightly transparent, Georgette fabric is known by having threads woven into highly twisted and slightly rough yarns. It was named after the 20th-century dressmaker Georgette De La Plante. We recommend Georgette for warm-weather, such as summer or springtime weddings.


This type of weave is one of the fabrics most often connected to the look of silk. It’s a heavier fabric though and holds a far more lustrous sheen. In the light, it is very iridescent and is usually woven with different color threads. We would recommend this fabric for winter or fall weddings. You will be able to retain the luxury of silk without sacrificing heat.

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Let’s Talk About Waistlines

When it comes to a wedding dress, the material is important but you’ll want to find the dress that flatters your form. That is the main factor that you’ll have to keep track of because an unflattering dress will totally cramp your style. It may even ruin the whole day! We would never want this to happen, and that’s exactly why we want to educate our clients on what works best for them.


Usually, a natural waistline will look best if you have a thin waistline because it will complement your normal figure. That’s why it will go perfect for women who have an hourglass figure. The dress will fall right on your hips and accentuate those natural curves. You will be able to have a graceful and above all, natural look.


However, if you feel a little self-conscious about your looks, there are other options as well. For example, a dropped waistline can embellish your hips if you feel they may be too large or out of balance. By lowering the cut to about 3-12 inches under your waist, it will slender out your abdomen, which gives the impression of height and good posture. It can make your stature appear more balanced and camouflage a pear-shaped frame.


This is a very beautiful look that camouflages in an elegant manner. The waist for this sort of dress forms right underneath the bust. It is a cloud-like look that will most likely hug your ribcage instead of your waist. While it may imbalance the look of your body if you have a big bust, it can truly emboss petite women. As for those with pear-shaped figures, the airy, weightless skirt that flairs out above the hips keep your lower body whimsical and illusory.

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About Our Service

One of the most enticing aspects of our business is the experience we offer our clients. Of course, our selection of dresses is unparalleled, and there are many pundits who would seek to label the collection exquisite. However, the program we have developed for the client is simply exceptional. For example, if you were to set up an appointment with us, you would first be assigned a bridal consultant as stated earlier. Their intuitive understanding of the wedding world will stun and astonish even the more veteran fashionistas among us.

Despite that, they are merely here to facilitate you through this experience. Every client is provided a personal fitting room that comes complete with a bridal station. This way, you are allowed privacy, expertise and premium products all in one location. You no longer have to be rushed or stressed to get attention from someone within the store. We will take care of you from start to finish!

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If you are on the market for a wedding gown, Flare’s Bridal + Formal can offer you some of the best dresses from world-renowned designers. We pride ourselves over our prestigious collection and exceptional service. If you are interested in finding your dress now, contact us through our website or give us a call at (925)-939-3306. Otherwise feel free to visit our location at  1700 North Broadway Suite 100, in Walnut Creek, California. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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